Jaguar Land Rover has presented the latest developments in the "drones" field

The Jaguar Land Rover said that the work of training the interaction between vehicles and the road infrastructure is conducted in partnership with the European Technical Centre Ford and Tata Motors. It was also stressed that the unmanned vehicles – a priority for the JLR, and currently there are about one hundred experienced vehicles, which are being tested or that the autonomous control system.

The company said that the goal is to create a completely unmanned vehicles and semi-autonomous. Recent focus on something to keep pleasant emotions from the control of the machine, but to save people from the tedious part of driving, for example, by controlled movement in traffic.

If some of the functions, which are told in the JLR, already introduced by some manufacturers in the production car – the car hold within the band, automatic braking in the event of an emergency, independent car overtaking, then there is an interesting system called Green Light Optimal Speed ​​Advisory, which It involves connecting the machine to the traffic lights and calculation of optimal speed, in order to always get on the green signal. Similar developments, by the way, is at Toyota.

Earlier, it was reported that JLR develops autopilot off-road.

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