It became aware of the fraud with other car exhausts

The fact that the roads of Europe, millions of cars are moving now, which claimed the volume of emissions of harmful engine substances does not correspond to the real level, he told RTBF television channel, moreover it is not just about machines issued by the German concern Volkswagen.

"One year after the scandal" Dizelgeyt "about the manipulation of the engines in the Volkswagen new research shows that in fact the system [bypass environmental regulations – Editor's note] was a general – said on the channel's website. – It is likely that you are driving a motor vehicle with a diesel engine, which is more "dirty" in comparison with those of what stated by the manufacturer. "

Information received from the European federation "Transport and Environment", which experts analyzed the official tests, ordered by the government in several countries of the European Union after the scandal with Volkswagen engines. This study showed that about 30 million vehicles pollute the atmosphere significantly stronger than their manufacturers claim.

It is known that two of the three cars tested norms emissions of major pollutants – nitrogen dioxide – exceeded at least three times. The channel says that in one of the cases studied fifteen times exceeding the permissible mark was registered. The experts concluded that excessive nitrogen dioxide emissions are responsible for 72,000 deaths in Europe, premature (annually), including 2300 – Belgium.

It is noted that the most "dirty" are models of Renault brands, Land Rover, Hyundai, Opel and Nissan among diesel and gasoline vehicles "Euro 5" emission class. Among the best were machines Seat, Honda, BMW, Ford and Peugeot. From the worst in the "Euro-6" – the Suzuki and Fiat cars, and the most pure, that is interesting, and recognized Volkswagen and Audi.

Earlier portal «autoND» reported that VW may be accused of violating EU laws on consumer protection. As reported earlier this month, according to preliminary data, the German automaker has broken the law in the 20 countries of the European Union of 28+.

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