"Ironclad» Volvo broke the first record

Volvo Trucks has announced the bruising two world records. Specially for this purpose the company has built a powerful truck and called it "Ironclad". He broke the first record – start from a place in the 500 and 1000 meters.

On the test track in northern Sweden, "Ironclad" during the 500-meter "race" was able to achieve an average top speed of 131.29 km / h in just 13.71 seconds. In the 1000 meter race average speed was 169 km / h, and the time – 21.29 seconds. Although Volvo is not trying to set a new world record for the maximum speed during the test truck was able to accelerate to 276 km / h.

Piloted "mega-trucks" Overbink Boye, who in 1994 became the champion in a series of European Truck Racing. By the way, the previous five speed records also belong to him.

"Ironclad" is based on a model with the modified FH quad-turbo engine D13. Swedish engineers were able to reduce the car's weight to 4.5 tons. The engine develops a maximum power of 2400 hp and 6000 Nm of torque.

Perhaps the different records of the company is excellent advertise its products. In the spring of this year, Volvo Trucks tractor was able to reach the 300-meter road train weight of 750 tonnes.

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