In the US, testing a new car for Trump

The car Beast 2.0 has become more massive compared to its predecessor, which traveled Barack Obama.

The future Putin car caught in Sweden

Now Donald Trump is forced to use the old limousine on which his predecessors moved. The development of a new car is coming to an end and by the end of the year the new head of state will receive its own limousine.

A new car while in camouflage, but design elements are already guessed. The front part has received LED optics in the Cadillac Escalade style, and the forage is clearly borrowed from the CT6 sedan.

Most likely, the presidential limousine will receive a 6.6-liter turbo-diesel engine V8 of the Duramax family. In the production cars, this unit develops 445 horsepower, but for an eight-ton limousine its capacity can be increased to 600 forces.