In the United States are investigating the failure of brakes on pickup trucks Ford F-150

As the newspaper writes Autoevolution, under the watchful eye NHTSA investigators were cars that were released this year and last year, and under the hood of which are turbocharged 3.5-liter "six" EcoBoost.

Photo: pick-up Ford F-150

Car owners report that their "iron horses" sometimes suddenly and entirely deprived of their brakes, but fortunately, they had the necessary leeway to react to failure. In services to blame for Ford called emergency brake master cylinder and brake servo.

Ford sells in the United States each year more than 700 000 of them pickups under review with a 3.5-liter engine can get about 282 thousand cars.

Photo: pick-up Ford F-150

Just in the month of May of this year, we reported on the recall of the F-150 the previous generation, which was found to be defective master cylinder.

Given the dimensions of the Ford F-150 and its mass, we can only wish the Americans as soon as possible to deal with the defects found, and hope that our F-150 road will stop in time.

Photo: pick-up Ford F-150

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