In St. Petersburg cars welded in boiling water

In the Northern Capital, due to the breakthrough of the pipe, dozens of cars parked in the courtyard of a residential building were damaged.

PE happened near the house number 2 on the street. Siqueiros and house number 111 on Prospekt Engels in the evening on Tuesday, April 11. According to eyewitnesses, the breakthrough of the pipe arose because of the tests conducted by the State Unitary Enterprise “Fuel and Energy Complex” at that time. Water began to beat the fountain directly from the asphalt, soon boiling water flooded nearby yards and the roadway, and two cars even fell into the ground.

In the future, utilities began to eliminate the consequences of the accident, for the sake of which they blocked the street of Siqueiros. At the same time, GUP TEK clarified that the liability of the enterprise is insured, and the owners of damaged vehicles will receive compensation for damage.

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