In Minsk, a man hammered his car with garbage

The car Geely was found in a terrible condition in a residential area of ​​Minsk, the owner literally topped it with garbage.

As the residents of the nearest houses say, he turned the whole yard into a garbage dump. Motorists fear that the entire dump may catch fire and their cars may suffer.

“This is a nightmare: we constantly store garbage in the yard.” It’s a shame to walk through, to call someone. “This person is always carrying something, I do not know what’s at home.” We went to the ZHEN, contacted the district administration, the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station It seems that nothing can be done about this, “the neighbors of a strange car owner say to portal.

The police got to the rubbish collector, he explained to the employees that he was freeing the balcony and taking things out to his dacha.

Photo by svjazist88 /