Import of second-hand foreign cars was again impossible

The temporary registration procedure for foreign-made cars, which was supposed to solve the problem of importing second-hand foreign cars, failed.

Import of second-hand foreign cars will be banned from January 1

The car owners were given the opportunity to independently install the ERA-GLONASS button on cars and register them in the traffic police. But you can not get the necessary documents for this. PTAs are not issued without a vehicle safety design certificate (SBCT), and relevant laboratories can not yet issue certificates.

“The roads to even equipped vehicles are not yet available – not all were ready for the appointed date of the commencement of the work of the interim order.” The next step to the treasured TCP was the receipt of the SBTSTS. “The Federal Accreditation Service gave explanations that the testing laboratories issue SBTSTS following the technical examination of the car’s design Based on the control of the existing documentation, including a copy of the contract with the applicant for the purchase of the ERA-GLONASS device. However, laboratory representatives state that this is not enough for them Waiting for relevant documents from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, “- quotes ” Interfax ” message of the administration of Primorye.

Nevertheless, car owners hope that the problem with issuing documents will be solved in the near future, in the queues for the installation of ERA-GLONASS are thousands of cars.