Hyundai has shown a prototype of a hot hatch and rally car

About a week ago, the Korean company has released a teaser RN30 concept based on the new-generation i30. "Charged" concept is different from the standard model of an aggressive body kit and a host of technical improvements.

Hatchback equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels and sports lowered suspension. Compared to serial i30 «hot» RN30 30 mm wider and equipped with ceramic tailpipes of the exhaust system with electronically controlled. The latter provides a "splash sound of pleasure" after a strong pressing the accelerator pedal.

In the engine compartment located two-liter Hyundai RN30 "turbochetverka" outstanding 380 hp and 451 Nm of torque. Motor aggregated with robotized transmission with double clutch. Unlike civil hatchback with front-wheel drive, it was a sports version-wheel drive system with electronic limited slip differential.

To reduce weight engineers used carbon fiber reinforced plastic, although the exact weight of the vehicle is not reported. Moreover Hyundai has teamed up with BASF to develop innovative plastics.

Although Hyundai RN30 just a concept, the Korean company plans to introduce a N-version of i30 in the beginning of next year. She will receive a front-wheel drive and six-speed mechanics, but companies are considering to release a version of the four-wheel drive with automatic transmission and packaging.

In Paris, Hyundai also showed a rally car based on the three-door i20 hatch for the 2017 WRC season. news racing debut in January at the track in Monte Carlo. In accordance with the rules of the next year, a rally hatchback equipped with a 380-horsepower engine capacity of 1.6 liters, as well as an active center differential with electronic control.

On the eve of Hyundai announced for SEMA show special version of crossover Santa Fe capacity of 1040 hp

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