Husqvarna Motorcycles have a new engine

Both models are equipped with four-stroke single-cylinder engine capacity of 690 SMZ, which is the most powerful single-cylinder engine in the motor line of the company. The new engine develops 74 hp at 8000 rpm, an increase compared to the previous generation was 6 "horses".

The vibration level has been reduced by the additional balancing shaft. The equipment includes electric start motorcycles, electronic fuel injection system Keihin, ABS from Bosch with settings for off-road, as well as the APTC slipper clutch, which prevents lock up the rear wheel at gas dump.

New products fully comply with stringent Euro 4 environmental standards, increased service intervals of up to 10 000 kilometers. Official pricing information is not yet available.

Earlier portal «autoND» publish detailed information about the company's family of Husqvarna enduro new 2017 model year.

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