How to properly tidy up the car: reveal secrets

We tell you what you need to do to make your car shine like new

If you want to do something good, do it yourself. This rule applies to car washing. After you competently caring for your car, you can make it so that after 10, and 15 years later it will look like it just left the car dealership.

How to do it right? If you closely follow our publications, then some rules you already know. For example, we have already told you why you can not use the dishware when washing the car, and also explained why the leather interior needs to be treated every two months. And today we’ll talk how to correctly return the car to its original appearance so that the result is liked not only by you, but also by others.

Immediately make a reservation. We perfectly understand that it’s easiest to take the car to a professional sink. But, firstly, the services of washers are expensive. And secondly, not always the workers of the car wash know about all the features of your car and can adequately assess the situation. Therefore, to bring the car into a proper appearance is sometimes better yourself, the main thing is to stock up on time and carefully approach every step. And how to do it right, we will now tell.

Appreciate the condition of your car

Before you start, you need to evaluate the state of the machine. If you recently bought it, then most likely, you just need to wash it and treat it with wax. But if the car is already many years old, and it has long lost its original gloss, the work will be much more difficult. In any case, first you need to understand what the final result you want to get. The most important thing here is to set realistic goals. It’s one thing if you just want to give the car a decent appearance. And quite another, if you want to restore the old rusty “penny”. In the latter case, you may need a serious restoration, and it is better not to deal with it on your own, but to instruct the business professionals.

Prepare the toolkit

Before you start working, you need to prepare all the necessary tools. Namely – a high-pressure apparatus (if any), various car chemistry (shampoo, cleansers, wax, polishes, etc.), special rags from microfiber and so on.

An important point that many ignore. Before using this or that tool, be sure to read the instructions. The thing is that the way or scope of this or that car cosmetics can be radically different. For example, the means for cleaning chromium can in no case be used on aluminum, because for some wheel disks such a tool is suitable, but for others – not. Therefore, always read the instructions before use. And do not skimp on buying good auto cosmetics of famous brands.

Wash the car

What are the points to avoid when washing the car, we have already written in detail. Therefore, we briefly describe this point. First, rinse the top layer of dirt with a high-pressure cleaner, then apply a shampoo, clean the body of dirt with a special sponge, then water again, and then wipe the body with a special microfiber cloth. By and large this is all that is required of you. The most important thing is that at the same time you use only special means intended for washing cars, and not, say, a dishwashing detergent.

Eliminate small dirt and scratches

After you have washed the car, on the body will be visible various trifles, inconspicuous before. For example, these are traces of resin, kidney trees, insects and bitumen, as well as just minor scratches. Therefore, your next task is to eliminate them.

To get rid of impurities that do not succumb to shampoo, you can use special tools sold in auto shops. Usually they are called – for example, “bitumen remover” .Use them according to the instructions on the label.This item is not very complicated, and usually it does not have any problems.

As for small scratches, it is best to use special correction kits or pencils for their elimination. Such funds are usually sold in dealerships, and have a clearly chosen paint color. In addition, do not neglect and polish the body. It can be done manually, but it’s better to use a special machine. It is important only to remember that for old bodies other polishes are used, than for new ones. Also do not forget that if you conduct polishing by hand, you need to use special applicators, rags and sponges will not work.

Another important point is the polishing of the headlights, the appearance of which also affects the overall impression of the car. You can read how to do it right here.

Apply wax

Wax for a car can be compared with sunscreen for a person. This means protects the LCP from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and prevents discoloration and destruction of the paint. In addition, the wax partially prevents the settling of dust particles on the body, and, therefore, the next visit to the sink will occur later. By the way, wax for cars is of two types – carnauba and polymer. But the difference between them is not so significant, although the polymer wax is easier to apply, it has better properties, but somewhat more expensive.

Glass and Discs

Finally, the last point of the program to make the car gloss at the car will be the cleaning of the glasses and wheel disks. Given the previous points, we note that there is nothing complicated here. But there are several nuances. In the first case, it is extremely important to use the means for automobile glass, and not similar household chemicals. The latter gives a pungent smell, which will be unpleasant. And even dangerous for the driver.

If we talk about wheel rims, then for their treatment it is best to use special chemistry. Usually it is a question of aerosols, which are called – means for cleaning discs. The most important thing – you need to remember that for different wheel disks own means are used. Therefore, as we said at the beginning, carefully read the instructions before applying this or that drug.

So, you washed the car, polished and waxed the body, and also eliminated small scratches and cleaned the glasses and disks. Now your car looks much better than before. Most importantly – do not forget to maintain it in this state, and do not neglect the regular washing.