Honda Clarity Fuel Cell recognized as the most "long-range" car

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assess whether the fuel cell sedan from Honda's economical and how much he will pass on full cylinders with hydrogen. Engineers can be proud of the result: long range model – 589 kilometers, and a liter of fuel, if we evaluate the equivalent gasoline, can travel about 109 kilometers.

As previously reported, Honda Clarity FC will reach the European market before the end of 2016. To increase the supply volume needed to the infrastructure of filling stations has been developed, so the company will work through the issue with the regional authorities. Also before the end of the year, the sedan will hit the market of the United States.

Sales of the model in the Japanese market started in March 2016, but the car is available only for corporate clients. The power plant model consists of a pair of electric motor, continuously variable transmission and a set of batteries. Total power units of 177 hp The Honda did not get tired to notice the fact of the location of the battery modules – they are not under the seats in the cabin and not even in the trunk, everything is arranged under the hood that makes Clarity FC full-fledged five-seater.

Photo: Salon Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Recall, the production model hydrogen fuel cell is at Toyota – Mirai sedan. Salon is designed for four, and a cruising range of approximately 500 kilometers. However, Mirai has already entered the market and "recruit" new private customers.

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