General Motors created a new premium brand

Allred Duncan, vice president of Buick Global Marketing, said: «Avenir become something of a signature for the Buick. This is the highest manifestation of the fact that the company can create and offer to his client. The reason why it was decided to create Avenir, Buick's customer base, which requires only the best of everything: for example, 90% of buyers chose the Enclave is one of the two available options for a top finish. The company also noted that the percentage of female customers has grown significantly.

Avenir in French means "future". Cars with a label of the new sub-brand, in addition to the distinctive badges will have another grille, a sample of which was demonstrated at the concept car Avista spring of this year, large diameter wheels, unique interior trim. All other details of the company promises to reveal later.

In fact, the creation of a premium sub-brand idea is not new, but it does not prevent the use of a proven recipe for creating proposals for the most demanding customers. Recall that in varying degrees renoshny Initiale Paris is a separate super-luxury equipment. Ford has Vignale model lineup, which was recently expanded with three new cars. Well, perhaps the most striking example of realization of the idea for "Hilux" for the nouveau riche – Hyundai and spun off the Genesis, which is rightly called a separate brand.

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