Ford suspended production of pickups F-Series because of problems with spare parts

Ford is experiencing difficulties with the implementation of the plan of production of heavy pickups F-Series Super Duty. About this newspaper writes The Wall Street Journal referring to the chairman of the trade union of workers in the factory Ford Louisville Rodney Jaynes.

In the photo: Ford F-Series Super Duty

According to him, this situation has arisen in the summer because of "problems with spare parts", but the question of journalists about the root causes of the situation, the representative of the workers' union has decided not to go into details.

Currently Ford plant operates in full swing, and workers are forced to work overtime to dealers were able to meet customer demand for heavy pickups. But the shortage of cars in the near future will still be felt by distributors.

Also the head of the union said that such a situation is observed whenever put into production a new model, and as a result of the problem on the assembly line had to stop production.

Ford spokeswoman Kelly Felker also refused to go into details of the problem. According to her, the Ford is stepping up production of heavy pickups F-Series, which have "outstanding" performance.

Previously, we reported that the production of the Ford-150 pickup trucks "stalled" because of the lack of frames.

In the photo: Ford F-Series Super Duty

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