Ford revealed the uncompromising power of Raptor

Ford F-150 Raptor is equipped with second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost, which returns to the pickup 2017 model year by about 39 hp and 76 Nm more than its predecessor. How many "horses" and got traction Raptor, he tells himself, carving these values ​​on the sand in the published video.

Complete with "Ekobustom" goes a ten new automatic transmission with an exclusive "razdatkoy". The car turned out more than 225 kilograms lighter model in 2014 through the use of aluminum and high-strength steel.

«Raptor was designed as an uncompromising car for the most challenging terrain, – commented Matt Tranter, responsible for engineering at Ford Performance, – that's why we went with the iron on the V8 aluminum block and were able to squeeze out the maximum of the new motor. The uniqueness of the pickup yet, and that is the only model with Ford shestirezhimnoy system off-road, which changes the throttle response time, the work of the turbine and gearbox at the request of the driver. "

It is worth noting that despite the increased power, the pickup has become more economical. Compared with its predecessor, average fuel consumption decreased by about 23%. In combined mode, the F-150 Raptor spends about 14.7 liters, and declared "appetite" in the environment of the city and highway, respectively – 15.7 and 13.1 liters.

On sale new Raptor will appear in November. The exact price will be announced soon. Price named the company itself – at least 50 000 US dollars (about 3.17 million rubles). To doubt that the car is waiting for a commercial success, it is not necessary: ​​it seems in Ford revealed the recipe of impressive sales of sports models.

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