Ford Mustang has suspended production because of falling sales

The main reason that the Americans have decided on such a move, the sports car was the fall of sales on the domestic market, reports the Detroit News. Thus, in September 6429 Mustang vehicles were sold in the United States, which is 32% less compared to the same period last year.

Last month (first two years) maslkar Ford lost to its main competitor – Chevrolet Camaro. Chevy model sales totaled 6,577 units (+ 25.4%). Meanwhile, in the first nine months of 2016 Mustang is still in the lead: 87,258 vehicles (-9.3%) against 54,535 sold Camaro (-11,4%).

In the US, the price of the Mustang will start with a mark of 24 915 dollars, which in terms of our money is about 1 560 000 rubles at the current rate. Coupe Chevrolet Camaro starts at 25,905 dollars – about 1,622,000 rubles.

Earlier it was reported that Ford can release the next-generation Mustang to two years earlier than planned. Accelerate the development of new maslkara fordovtsy decided just because of the growing popularity of Camaro.

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