Ford Focus RS500 can be converted into "canned"

According to insiders Autocar, the chances to go into production at the Ford Focus RS500 does not exceed 30%. In summer, the Web appeared spy pictures of camouflaged prototype of future trends, but despite this, the project may be is minimized. Primarily due to competition with the Ford Mustang with a 410-horsepower V8 and the Mustang Shelby GT350 engine with over 530 hp However, in the European division believe that the Focus RS500, and to find a place, and in the US are skeptical – dealers may not want such a car.

Another reason – in the next year, the current generation of the Focus will approach the end of the life cycle, which means that now is the time to develop RS500 adjusted to the new generation. Precedents in the automobile industry, when sports model served as the forerunner of the Civil were, but that's hardly the case. Focus RS500 is still hope for a diplomatic gift Raj Nair, head of the development of new vehicles, which gave life to the conventional Ford Focus RS, convincing the company management of the need for this model.

Recall, Ford Focus RS is equipped with a 350-horsepower engine volume of 2.3 liters and a new all-wheel drive system, which can transmit available for the rear axle traction on one wheel. For those who still want to "hotter", there is a tuning kit from Ford Performance and Mountune companies, adding to the power of 25 more hp and 40 Nm of torque. In Russia, the Focus RS has not been formally introduced.

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