For pedestrians, the retroreflective elements

Rosstandart approved GOST, which must meet reflective products for pedestrians.

How in different countries reduce accidents on the roads

The standards set out the minimum values ​​of the retroreflectivity coefficient necessary for sufficient visibility of a person on the road, as well as requirements for resistance to wetting and exposure to different temperatures.

“The national standard establishes requirements for retroreflective elements and products of various types – hanging, detachable and non-removable, flexible and rigid,” the press service of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate said.

The rules apply to products in the form of pendants, bandages, cuffs, bracelets, badges, charms and chevrons. Have got under GOST and corresponding labels on clothes.

Recall, from July 1, 2015, retroreflective elements became mandatory for pedestrians when driving on country roads in the dark.