Electric ATV Nikola Zero valued at 37,500 dollars

ATV has been presented today in California under the Sand Sports Super Show. Zero Price is 37 500 and Nikola already taking a refundable advance of $ 750 dollars.

The characteristics of the power plant are different from those that were announced in May this year. Zero equipped with more capacious battery – 70 kWh instead of 50 kWh and power is now claimed "520 HP" and not "permanent 520 hp" and 645 Nm of torque, as promised earlier. Acceleration from 0 to 96 km / h will be at the promised "up to three seconds," just three seconds.

Power reserve amount, reportedly between 160 and 322 km. Probably, it will depend on the dynamic drive. Each wheel is equipped with an electric motor Zero. "Less slippage, fewer breakdowns, the instantaneous power, better performance, faster response, and incredible braking power of Nikola true anytime, anywhere, even under water" – the manufacturer claims. The engine and transmission with a rating of IP67 can fully immerse the rover into the water.

Truck company called Nikola One, as it became known recently, in addition to the hybrid system, will receive hydrogen powerplant. Showing a prototype is scheduled for December 16 this year.

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