Driving schools wanted to take exams for the rights

It is assumed that in driving schools will take exams on theory and practice on the site. “City” candidates for drivers will continue to take in the departments of the traffic police.

The deputies came up with candidates for drivers a new exam

With the corresponding request for transferring the authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the driving schools, the non-commercial partnership “The Guild of Driving Schools” appeared. According to the press service of the organization, the proposal was sent to the Russian government. The Guild emphasized that not all driving schools will be able to take exams, but only those that “meet licensing requirements and have no complaints from supervisory bodies.”

It should be noted that in 2016 the Ministry of Internal Affairs also acted with a similar proposal. Then the project of the document defining the rules of interaction between the bodies of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and driving schools in this direction was developed. In particular, it was a question of equipped computer classes for testing the knowledge of the theory, as well as an automated circuit for the exam on the site.

Medvedev limited the rights of novice drivers

Meanwhile, following the results of the parliamentary hearings on road safety in early April, the “Guild of Driving Schools” compiled a list of other initiatives. In particular, it is proposed to introduce a temporary certificate for the right to drive for drivers with less than two years of experience and to increase the time for studying the Rules and Fundamentals of Road Safety for children and adolescents in secondary general education organizations.

Photo: Moscow-live.ru