Drivers of expensive cars more often escape punishment

The investigation of a number of cases on road accidents showed that in the case of secured defendants, reconciliation between parties is more likely.

For many years the Institute for Law Enforcement Issues has been examining the inequality of social groups in court. Statistics showed that the severity of punishment for road accidents with victims is often directly related to the incomes of the culprit.

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Statistics show that drivers of cars costing less than 50,000 rubles in half the cases go to jail, and the chance of reconciliation of the parties in this case is a meager 4 percent. At the same time, in similar cases with drivers of cars costing from a million rubles and more, the chance of a real term is only 10%, and more than half of cases ends with reconciliation of the parties, Vedomosti reports .

The fact that, in the case of secured defendants, the case often ends with the reconciliation of the parties, it is completely logical. One of the conditions for an agreement between the culprit and the victim is the payment of sufficient compensation. But, if reconciliation has not taken place, the poorer culprit of the accident has a much higher chance of getting into jail than the rich. Part of this can be explained by the presence of good lawyers, but there is no data on the quality of protection at the Institute of Enforcement Problems.