Dozens of cars hit the mud at the federal highway

The incident occurred on the highway A-121 “Sortavala” between St. Petersburg and Karelia, which drivers call the worst drone in the region.

Despite the fact that the track is federal and truck drivers are required to pay for it through the Plato system, it is a country road and after a thaw it was impossible to pass through it.

Rosavtodor will spend 59 million rubles on the film about roads

On Sunday afternoon, according to eyewitnesses, about 30 cars, including waggons, were stuck in the mud. “We contacted the Ministry of Emergency Situations, they promised to give it to the road service, but we already waited an hour, so we decided to find a way out and found a detour in the forest,” quotes one of the drivers. Video from the scene hit the web.

As reported by MediaLeaks with reference to the information of Rosinvest, in 2017 it is planned to allocate 23 billion rubles for the repair of roads in the region, some of which will be directed to upgrade the Sortavala A-121.