Disguised Lada Vesta Cross reels around Togliatti

The all-weather station wagon, which differs from the Vesta SW with increased ground clearance and plastic overlays on bumpers and arches, was seen on the streets during the tests.

Universal Lada Vesta got rid of masking overlays

A new batch of spy photos was published by the Russian Automotive Industry community . It is known that a full-scale production of the model will be launched in September. The novelty will be offered with petrol engines in volume of 1,6 and 1,8 liters, which return makes 106 and 122 l. from. respectively. According to preliminary data, the car will cost from 800 thousand rubles.

Meanwhile, as reported by “Avtomambler”, at the enterprise “IzhAvto” in preparation for the assembly of station wagons Vesta has already been released 10 copies.