Daughter of ex-head of Saratov asked for “good roads” for his Porsche

In one of the social networks, a young girl published a picture of herself at the wheel of a luxury foreign car.

The post of Anastasia Grishchenko, the daughter of the former head of Saratov Oleg Grishchenko, attracted the attention of other users. Judging by the comments, they were outraged not so much by the Porsche 911 Turbo S sports car costing 13.5 million rubles, as the commentary the girl accompanied the picture: “Can you please have more good roads for this beauty”.

Rosavtodor will spend 59 million rubles on the film about roads

“The dilemma: where to take asphalt for roads, to ride a Porsche, which on the waybills is asphalt?” – one of the subscribers to Anastasia asked. “The roads were just about to be built, but I had to buy you a Porsche,” another said. “You have to choose either Porsche, or in Saratov roads.” The choice is obvious, “commented the third. Under a storm of criticism, the girl was forced to close her account and rename the profile. Currently, as Lenta.ru notes, the description under the photo from Porsche has been removed, and geolocation has been changed to Monte Carlo.

Meanwhile , according to Kommersant , in 2017 800 million rubles will be spent on repairing the roads of the regional center, which will be allocated from the federal and regional budgets as part of the federal program Safe and Qualitative Roads.