Concept Mitsubishi GT-PHEV made its debut in Paris

Announced in the middle of this month, cross-hybrid Mitsubishi GT-PHEV presented at the Paris Motor Show. NEW demonstrates the further evolution of the brand design concept called Dynamic Shield and the advanced hybrid technology.

Appearance of a novelty shaped laconic horizontal lines and the X-shaped front part, which is already characterized by corporate brand style. Black rack and different from the rest of the body color of the roof, give it the effect of hovering.

Interior Mitsubishi GT-PHEV designed in a minimalist style, and its key feature is a horizontal front panel as it is characterized by Mitsubishi. Designers have tried to create an interior that causes "a sense of light and an open, visually expand the interior space." It uses a minimal number of buttons, touch screens and a "puck" -perklyuchateli.

The concept is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system, "specially designed for a top-round SUV". The system includes a gasoline engine 2.5-liter, supported by three electric motors (one at the front – two in the back). Recent feed from the set of a new generation of batteries mounted under the floor capacity of 25 kWh.

Compared with the current Outlander PHEV, the company's engineers have reduced the weight of the concept and reduced drag coefficient by automatic shutters in the grille. Mitsubishi GT-PHEV is also equipped with an adaptive suspension with adjustable depending upon clearance rate.

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