Concept Lexus UX – the prototype of a small series of crossover

Lexus UX is young, is understood in the art of urban residents, which the company calls "urbanitami". Most of the "front end" occupies a huge firm fusiform grille, the acute head optics and a pointed hood. The rims are made in the same style and are painted in body color.

Inside, the crossover is even crazier than outside. Immediately striking translucent pillars. The design is based on an aluminum-based polycarbonate which are attached to the rib, improving visibility for the driver. In the cabin installed recently presented spider chair Kinetic.

The interior design focuses on the driver, which supports deployed in his direction center console that passes through the entire interior. The front part is decorated in dark colors, so as not to distract the driver's attention, while the rear used light fabrics and materials.

There are a couple of color screens and small cameras that replace traditional rearview mirrors, as well as "floating" digital display in the holographic-style front of the driver and auxiliary touch screens on the dashboard and center console.

While this is primarily a design concept, Lexus UX is a type of subcompact crossover. It is already known that the company is registered in the name of Europe and the UX 200 UX 250. Future novelty to stay in the line under the brand compact NX. Rumor has it that the model will hit the market within a year.

Today at the Paris Motor Show debuted a number of cross-concepts. His hybrid novelty showed Mitsubishi, replace the full-length showed Rexton SsangYong. Company Mercedes-Benz has declassified its first electric crossover, the BMW is a conceptual cross-coupe X2.

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