Cars BMW and Hyundai recognized as the most technologically advanced

In the study, 17 864 person in the United States were interviewed who own a car (also taking into account the TC leased) not more than 90 days. It is also a prerequisite was that the model had to change a generation or renewed within the preceding three years.

Highest rated in their respective segments received Hyundai Tucson models and Genesis, as well as the BMW second and fourth series. The technological leaders in their categories rated burst Kia Forte (known in Russia under the name of Cerato), Chevrolet Camaro and Nissan Maxima.

In the photo: Chevrolet Camaro. Price in Russia – from 2.799 million rubles

According to the JD Power reports that most drivers like the system to prevent collisions (rearview camera, monitoring the "blind" zones, etc.): satisfaction index was 754 points out of a thousand possible. Three-quarters of respondents use these assistants on a regular basis, and 96% of those who are familiar with these technologies, said they would like to have them on his next car.

But navigation is quite a minority of respondents to use it only 43% of the total number of study participants, the others just prefer to replace complex built on a third-party gadget. At the same time 56% of those who still sought the help of built-in navigation, stopped using it after a month of operation.

In the photo: BMW 2 Series

In the JD Power pointed out that dealers play an important role in the formation of positive feedback on the specific model, as on their shoulders the responsibility for the client to see what he can of their future car as and when each system works.

In the photo: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

Also, the Agency noted that the degree of satisfaction varies greatly depending on the segment, one of the highest indices in big cars, which include the Nissan Maxima, followed by a segment of small premium cars (winner of the BMW 2 Series), compact premiumkarov ( BMW 4 Series).

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