Buick has shown the first photos of the new luxury minivan generation GL8

First, let's say that GL8 – the basic model for Buick in China. Last year, it sold more than 76 600 copies of a minivan, which has helped the company become the third American in the number of vehicles sold in this segment in the world's largest market. Today, Buick and partner in the face of SAIC revealed the first photo of the new generation GL8.

In the photo: a new generation of Buick GL8

The car has received a revised front part in the style of the new design concept of the brand, which has already found application in the latest version LaCross sedan. In addition, the manufacturer has announced a change in the line of powertrains and the list of technological options that "vozvedёt concept of comfort to a new level."

According to unofficial data, the engines in volume 2.4 and 3.0 liters, available on the current generation GL8 will be dismissed, and in their place will be turbocharged two-liter "four" power of 253 hp

It is known that the size of the platform and wheelbase (3099 mm) remain unchanged, but the rear torsion beam suspension will give way to an independent structure.

Earlier «autoND» reported that most luxury cars Buick will be issued under the new brand.

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