Borgward cars again will be produced in Germany

This is with reference to its sources reported by Radio Bremen. Radio Reporters noted that in addition to Bremen, as the site for the construction of a new enterprise is also considered the German city of Bremerhaven.

In the photo: Borgward BX7

It is expected that the first assembly in the factory organized crossover Borgward BX7, components for it to be shipped from China. Recall, this model now produce in China at the facilities of the company Foton (a part of BAIC Group), which owns shares in the revived brand.

The Borgward these data have not yet commented. All the information of brand management promised to reveal at a press conference, held on October 26 and will focus on brand strategy in the European market.

German Borgward group was founded in 1919, the company ceased to exist in 1961 th. In early 2015, it was announced the revival of the brand, and in the autumn of the same year debuted the first model of the "new era" – a crossover BX7.

While the SUV is only available in China, where it is available with a gasoline turbo engine of 2.0 liters capacity of 224 hp Later in the sale of a hybrid 400-strong version should appear, power plant which consists of the same gasoline engine and an electric motor.

In November this year, will present Borgward second production model – a compact cross-BX5. This coupe also initially be sold only in China. On the European market Borgward brand is planning to go next year. BX5 assembly for the Old World, probably also established in Germany.

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