Borgward build a new plant in Germany

The specific location of the plant is an unknown quantity, this question will be solved with the city in the near future. The construction companies will begin early next year, and production will be launched in the 2018th.

In the photo: Borgward BX7

The plant will establish SKD-assembly, vehicle sets will be imported from China, which today is releasing a single production model Borgward – crossover BX7. This coupe and "prescribe" the first in Bremen. However, in contrast to the Chinese modification available today with a gasoline engine, in Germany, will assemble a fully electric version. Later BX7 in Bremen to join a more compact SUV Borgward BX5.

The production capacity of the new enterprise – 10 thousand cars a year, the first stage in Bremen create 50-100 jobs. Among the suppliers – Continental, BorgWarner, Webasto and Bosch, the batteries for BX7 will release from LG. The volume of investment is not disclosed.

In the photo: Borgward BX7

Recall, the German Borgward group was founded in 1919, it ceased to exist in 1961 th. At the beginning of 2015, it was announced the revival of the brand with the participation of the Chinese company Foton (included in the group BAIC). The first model of the "new era», BX7 crossover, debuted in the fall of that year. At the moment, this car is sold only in China, the European market will begin to conquer Borgward in the 2017th.

It is expected that the premiere of the second series of cross-country brand – BX5 – will take place in November this year at the motor show in Guangzhou, China.

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