Best of all: the premiere of the new Land Rover Discovery

To begin with, we note that Land Rover has decided not limited to a stand at the Paris Motor Show and had a local premiere at home. And, as always, it is done on a grand scale, and something so unusual. At this time, the British built a copy of the Tower Bridge from Lego bricks, which took 5,805,846 shares (a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records, by the way!). We parked two new Discovery on the movable sash bridge and away …

Now to the car. The new generation Land Rover Discovery in the company itself is called a radical rethinking of the DNA model that prevailed for 27 years. Now SUV a new platform and a body made of aluminum, which allowed to save, you just think about this figure, 480 kilograms, the new design, for which many would like to kill the authors of the fifth generation, because the identity has disappeared, which gave the fourth generation.

Integrated steel frame gave way to aluminum monocoque

But the new design, but what he did "Disco" virtually indistinguishable from some angles of the "younger» Discovery Sport, allowed to bring the drag coefficient to 0.33 cX.

In front the new Discovery – Double handle suspension, rear – "mnogoryichazhka» Integral Link. In the basic configuration – spring, for a fee, you can buy an SUV with air suspension

Discovery Overall length of the fifth generation in comparison with the fourth increased to 4 970 mm (plus 141 mm) and wheelbase size has grown by 38 mm – up to 2923 mm. It is time to remember the "family" nature of the model. New offers seven seats, with interior can be configured remotely via the app on your smartphone.

The system does not allow to move the seat when it is lying on it or on its backrest is folded down.

Many automakers, the company says, offering seven-seat SUVs, the new seven-seat Discovery, too, but it's the only model that offers third row where people fit the 95th percentile.

The seven-seat version of the Land rover Discovery is not very generous with the amount of luggage – only 258 liters when folded seats of the third row, the figure rises to 1231 liters, and already if the sacrifice and the second row, it will be available for 2406 liters of usable space (up to 2500 liters in five-seat version).

For all its gloss new Discovery is still able to overcome the trials on the roads. Clearance model has been increased by 43 mm – up to 283 mm! Fording depth – 900 mm, the increase was 200 mm.

At speeds above 105 km / h the suspension automatically lowered by 13 mm to reduce drag, on unpaved surfaces at speeds up to 80 km / h klierns will be increased by 40 mm from stock values ​​on the roads – the car will lift the suspension by 75 mm.

In the arsenal there are transfer case and "razdatka" with reduction gear – some who no longer needed, even choose themselves. wheel-drive system in standard mode distributes torque at a ratio of 42:58 (front and rear axles respectively), electronics, depending on road conditions can change the aspect ratio to 62:38 or 22:78.

Chassis settings The system has five modes, which are switched automatically or manually. The angle of entry at the new Discovery – 34 degrees, departure angle – 30 degrees

The range of engines includes diesel «Quartet» Ingenium capacity of 180 and 240 hp, but it is not necessary to wait for a modification of them in Russia. To us bring Discovery with three-liter V6: 240 petrol and diesel power to 249 hp Transmission – vosmidiapazonny "automatic» ZF.

The new Land rover Discovery provides a wide variety of assistants, among which off-road cruise control assistance system at the start of the hill, on the slope, on slippery surfaces, the sensor depth of water obstacles, Assistant Trailer towing with automatic valet parking (driver "plays" only the gas pedal , steering takes over the automatic), sky cameras, projection display, the system of autonomous emergency braking, track the status of the driver, recognition signs and pedestrians. Be offered and bracelet Activity Key, which allows you to open and close the car without the help of a set of keys; it is waterproof and suitable for outdoor enthusiasts.

For infotainment system functions responsible InControl Touch, which is an eight-inch touch screen with trim S and SE comes in versions of higher level – with a ten. The functions can be expanded by purchasing equipment packages – Wi-Fi hotspot, navigation with the function of monitoring the traffic situation in real time and so on. The car can be ordered with a six-12V outlets and nine-USB-ports.

Sales will start in Russia in 2017, but the list of available options, and complete sets of the new Land rover Discovery is already available on the official website of the brand in Russia.

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