Autopilot on Cadillac CT6 will monitor the driver

Model CT6 has the function of semi-autonomous driving Super Cruise.

The system allows the driver to release the steering wheel: the car can accelerate independently, brake to a complete stop and stick to its lane.

The autopilot Tesla “predicted” an accident before it happened

However, the autopilot will not allow the motorist to completely relax: the steering wheel is equipped with an infrared camera that monitors the driver’s look and the level of his attention. If the system finds that a person does not follow the situation on the road, it will warn him with visual and audible signals. Moreover, the autopilot can completely stop the car if the driver does not respond to warnings.

As noted by , Super Cruise includes a LiDAR radar and a set of cameras installed under the windshield, and a GPS-based system operates. While the autopilot is available only for the CT6 model as an option, for which you will have to pay 2.5 thousand dollars. The system can be used only on “suitable”, in the opinion of the manufacturer, the roads of the USA and Canada.