Audi «light up" the front of the new Q5 and trunk show

Audi has continued teaser "attack", anticipating a new generation of world premiere mid-sized Q5 crossover. At this time, Headlamp was shown, bonnet and bumper, as well as demonstrated by the volume of the luggage compartment.

The appearance on the Audi Q5 matrix head optics discovery is gone, especially after last videotizera, which demonstrated the possibility of headlights – they are adaptive and adjust the light intensity and the light beam depending on the driving situation, for example, the driver of an oncoming car will not be blinded by Audi that Of course, it affects the safety.

With the format teaser video of the new Audi Q5, we are already familiar: first, the company offers us to choose between certain characteristics and / or properties. In the case of luggage space – usability, when it is possible to create everything you need big family picnic, or "lightheadedness" for the "shopping victims" (a characteristic of the company, not the wording), which, however, also need a lot of space shopping. The result – no need to choose anything, the new Audi Q5, a new product positioning ingolshtadttsy, universal. Note that the lights at the crossover still remained on the trunk lid.

World premiere of the new Audi Q5 will be held September 29 in the framework of the Paris Motor Show. It is possible that all the details, including the official photos and videos will appear before that date. Earlier, the company has published a video of the car multimedia.

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