At Mercedes-Benz X-Class may appear AMG-version

The top versions as found «autoND» at the premiere of conceptual prototype of new items, the car will be equipped with three-liter V6 «Diesel». It is unlikely that in the court atelier will refine the motor, but rather adapting petrol "six" and the V8, which is currently installed on the GLC, GLE and GLS.

Does X-pick-up to get an electric or hybrid versions – a question to which we also puzzled Daimler representatives present at the presentation of the concept. No clear "yes" or a clear "no" we have not heard from them, but we believe that in the near future to create such a pickup modification the company has no plans.

However, marketing companies have stated that pickups audience has changed – they are willing to buy, not only farmers and private entrepreneurs engaged in construction, but also the urban population, which means that the car of the utilitarian niche and should go into the caste of "universal". In other words, the hybrid version of the X-Class could contribute to the expansion of the customer base by attracting those who so want a big and practical, "truck", but confuse taxation and emissions.

Recall, the world premiere of the concept of Mercedes-Benz X-Class took place on October 25th in Stockholm. According to the production version of the specifics were not enough, more and more Germans hinted rather than stated. It is known that the model will appear in Russia, and among the main rival will speak VW Amarok.

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