Apple in talks to buy McLaren

According to the Financial time, Apple company is ready to buy the McLaren Group and negotiations about this are conducted at the highest level. At the same time edition of Business insider reports that Apple is exploring the possibility of including a strategic investment in the McLaren.

Recall last summer, we talked about the "" Titan "project: prototype drone from Apple. A year later, information appeared that the "Yabloko" was hired to work on the project software guru Dan Dodge. To date, "" Titan "project is shrouded in mystery. It is possible that McLaren will buy Apple to speed up a program to create your own car.

Photo: Sketch Apple iCar

If McLaren Group ctanet property of Apple, she "get" division McLaren Electronic Systems, engaged in electronics and data acquisition systems for the racing team of Formula 1 McLaren. In addition, Apple engineers probably useful McLaren competence in the use of light metals and ugleplatiska when designing vehicles.

In the photo: McLaren 570GT

It is assumed that if Apple did release its own drone, the corporate "kinship" with the British manufacturer of supercars help positioning of new items and gain market. By a representative of Apple and McLaren have not yet commented on the negotiations.

By the way, at the end of May, the company from Cupertino has patented technology called "Access to the vehicle using a portable device." Judging by the description of the patent, with the help of a smartphone and a tablet can unlock car doors, open the trunk and the door, start the engine and the automatic parking control the multimedia system, activate the GPS and instrument panel, turn on the headlights and windshield wipers.

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