Americans sued Tesla because of “raw” autopilot

Several residents of the Californian city of San Jose appealed to the district court with a collective claim against the American manufacturer of electric vehicles.

According to the plaintiffs, they act “on behalf of all owners of electric cars Tesla with the function of autopilot.” They argue that the company is testing on the car owners a raw product, which often works incorrectly and does not meet the criteria stated in the advertising campaign.

The system cost 6 thousand dollars includes a set of cameras, radar and sensors, which receive information about the traffic situation around the car. When the autopilot system is activated, the car can independently move along public roads, reducing and gaining speed if necessary, as well as rebuilding and avoiding obstacles. Representatives of Tesla have repeatedly noted that the software is in the process of improvement and improved with each update, and also warned that the system is declared as an assistant for the driver, and therefore the latter should not be relaxed, and the situation should be monitored.

Cars Tesla with an active system of unmanned driving more than once became participants in an accident. One of the last cases – the car “did not notice” the bump on the track and crashed into the fence.