A new collection of Rolls-Royce Dawn inspired by haute couture

For the new collection has been selected white canvas – so poetically called the body of the car, it imposed three colors that will be relevant in the season spring / summer 2017: Blue, red and tangerine.

Main delights – in the cabin. The color scheme of interior – black and white and color accents depends on the roof. The decoration of the niches in the doorway used silk handmade with an abstract image of the brand symbol – the "Spirit of Ecstasy". And each element pattern has an inclination of 55 degrees to coincide with the door line – is clearly seen in the following photo.

In the process of painting the inserts on the front of our office took about nine days. Piano lacquer white superimposed with the smallest crumb of aluminum, to recreate the effect of spillovers silk fabric.

The steering wheel is covered with leather in two colors, the combination of which was made using a special technique seamless sewing.

The order for Rolls-Royce Dawn haute couture can be formalized in November, which will allow the client as noted in the company, to be in the trend of fashion trends of the next season.

Dawn is equipped with a V12 gasoline volume of 6.6 liters, the return of which is 563 hp The motor is combined with the eight-speed automatic transmission. The Russian premiere of the model took place in July 2016.

Earlier «autoND» reported that Moscow has opened Europe's first Rolls-Royce saloon cars with mileage.

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