76% of "Millennium" believe electric vehicles and hybrids are the key to a successful future

The survey involved 2500 "Millennium" from the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The study showed that young Europeans are willing to try "something new" and challenge the traditional way of life on Earth for future care. The main problems of the environment, which was named "Millennium" are: lack of fresh water (32%), air pollution (42%) and global warming and climate change (53% of study participants).

76% of young people are called electric cars and hybrids are one of the possible solutions to these problems. 50% of them considered the purchase of eco-friendly transport or are already in possession of such a vehicle.

According Sarvanta Singh, senior partner of Frost & Sullivan and Nissan advisory board member of the intelligent automotive industry, this research has proved that "Millennium" can be relied upon. After all, it refers to the generation of environmental issues with more responsibility and is ready to change the way of life for the sake of environmental protection.

As the director of electromobile Nissan divisions in Europe by Gareth Dunsmore, the opinion of young people surveyed made it clear that Nissan does not knowingly invested in the development of environmentally friendly cars. Recall, Nissan Leaf became the best selling electric cars in Europe from January to May 2016. Last month, the Japanese manufacturer in the alliance with Renault set a sales record – 100,000 electric vehicles found their buyers. Thus, today, every second electric vehicle in the world released by the alliance enterprises.

We are also told that the Nissan Leaf is the third in terms of passenger car sales in Norway. The popularity of the hatchback has increased significantly compared to the previous year: in the first half of 2016 was sold 2 450 units – a 58% increase over the same period in 2015.

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