50-year-old Skoda Octavia checked the strength of the historical rally

Organizers collected for tests Octavia four representatives of the family: two two-door sedan and two-Tudor versatile the Combi, and the company they amounted convertible Felicia Super, earlier sedans Skoda 1201 and 1101 50-ies, as well as military convertible 1101 VO.

The ideal format for the battle, but not the extreme test oldtimer – a historic rally. The main task – to overtake all and come first, and keep the passage of the control points of the route to the specified time frame, the average speed of the route does not exceed 40 km / h.

Sports gambling – more than enough, and the risk to life and vintage cars – no. The route for the Skoda Historical Rally trained professional rallisty within three months, and to focus on the route needed for traditional paper rutbuku – navigators use is strictly prohibited.

Rather than bore the reader listed cities on the route and the route passing the regulations, we assembled a dynamic video right from the cockpit retro Skoda. Enjoy!

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