5 car accessories, which it is better not to use

Some things sold in almost every car dealer can bring a lot of trouble to the owner. Top 5 dangerous accessories:

Seat belt plug

All modern cars are equipped with seat belt sensors. In the event that the driver starts moving without fastening, a red light on the dashboard starts blinking and a bothersome beep sounds. Of course, automotive accessory manufacturers quickly figured out how to help solve this “problem” by releasing the blend. “Caps for safety belts – this is a wonderful gift for a motorist and a beloved man or friend,” reads the advertisement.

Driving with a seat belt fastened is fraught with trouble, and not only for serious accidents. The problem is compounded by airbags. Their operation in such a case can lead to serious injuries even with the slightest accident. In most modern cars, the pillow does not open if the belt is not fastened, but the stub cheats the system.

Child seat belt clip

Such a lock does not ensure the safety of a small passenger. Sale of the most common of them – FEST, even banned Rosstandart. Nevertheless, in stores you can find a lot of analogues, which are actively used by irresponsible parents. On the safety of children taken care of in the government – from the summer of 2017 all such attachments and adapters for belts will be outlawed, and the penalty for their use will be 3 thousand rubles.

Handle “Lazy”

The swivel handle on the handlebars is found on buses and trucks. But especially inventive manufacturers of accessories began to produce similar handles for cars, not even considering that the steering wheel is in a different plane. In the advertising brochures “lazy” are credited with a lot of advantages, they say, and “helps to drive the car with one hand” and “prevents confusion in the hands when they are thrown over the steering wheel.” In fact, nothing to do with the correct and safe taxiing this device does not have.

Steering wheel cover

In the auto shops you can find a steering braid for every taste, from leather to voluminous soft and even fur. The latter are especially beloved by girls. To thin, if they are carefully chosen in size and do not slip, there are no complaints. But foam rubber and the like, and even more hairy-fur, prevent taxiing and can cause an accident in an emergency situation.

Pendants on the mirror

The suspended flavor of air has at least some sense. But all the key fobs, plush toys and other items, especially bulky and bright, have only one purpose – to distract the driver from the road, hanging out in the field of side vision.