Drift: tuning ZAZ-968

In fact, this technique requires considerable courage: to squeeze into the shell of the old budget avtomobilchika stuffing powerful foreign cars trying many, but a sensible result is obtained units. Therefore, for such projects are solved only the most desperate tuners.

And why not …

And the second idea and the art director of the project Ruslan dabbles in creating their own design cars for a long time. So when he wanted to get hold of a drift car – the car for a spectacular sliding in the drift – he thought for a long time, and took up the matter himself. Fortunately, in his disposal – the whole workshop. The idea was this: the vehicle must be able to drift, not for sports victories, but for the sake of pleasure. Accordingly, the appearance of it must also be “the sewer”, a technical stuffing may well not be the most “evil”. Thus, as a donor units chose rear-wheel drive BMW two models – E21 and E34, but about the outer shell out a hitch. I wanted to drift car looked like something unexpected, catchy …

And why not Zaporozhets? – Ruslan thought. What could be more unexpected than the drift, “which gives the angle” in a cloud of dust and rubber burning Zaporozhets? At first the idea like the author himself, then it approved reputable colleagues. Based on these initial data and to issue the final concept of the project: it will let outside Zaporozhets, and inside – BMW! That’s just about ZAZ models require clarification. The cult of “Brokeback” was not fit too short trunk – engine longitudinally vtisnesh not, and too low base – is not easy to keep the angle while sliding in the drift. Therefore, as a prototype chosen longer ZAZ-968, which was soon purchased.

Theory indposhiva

You know the difference between good male tailor by not very good? Good Master indposhiva (tailoring – if one was born later than it was archaic word) can sew the customer a jacket that hides all the secrets of his figure. That’s Ruslan had become a good tailor – because he wanted to reshape Zaporozhets so that as little as possible could be seen hidden in it the wrong units.

Usually, when they want to cross two cars with a monocoque body, so the problem is solved. From the car-donor units is cut off and thrown away the upper part, which is not involved in the fixing of these units. From the car-donor style cut and ejected its lower part, to make room for the lower part of the donor units. Then connect the two remaining halves.

Drift car
2.0 liter, 150 hp. from.

But it is clear that this is only a conditional algorithm – in fact, the process is accompanied by a mass of complications. For example, on the one hand, when the two bearing bodies are cut “unnecessary” part of the remaining “necessary” pieces must be at least temporarily strengthened, so as not to disturb their geometry. That is to weld any scarves, stretch, strengthen – and even so they do not interfere with the connection of two machines in one. On the other hand, crossed a machine usually very different, and to convert them into one account for one half of the machine, “compress” the other – “stretch”. Not width – so long without long – so tall, well or the like. And accordingly, together with pieces of the body to contract and stretch have all sorts of shafts, rods, wires, axles and semi …

This process is incredibly versatile, but many such like.

The main thing – to decide with a strategy where you can pull, and where not, and where it can be harder to compress. Indeed, apart from the desire to maintain a given style of the exterior, you can break a couple of golden proportions autodesign and spoil the car to impropriety. And the fact that the car will remain recognizable, but it will be even worse …

The result is obvious

It seems that the authors of this project with the proportions of all guessed correctly. The car turned out pretty well, turning from the budget Tudor in a sample of cab forward – to spread apart at the corners of the body and the wheels placed at the center of the shower base. All this is done to match the two main differences between the Porsche and BMW – the difference in half-meter wheelbase and a different arrangement of the engine. Due to the higher base in the Zaporozhye body moved back wheel arches, and for the sake of historical authenticity could combine them with the main part “eared” – the ears of air intakes.

It was not easy, but with the “transfer” of the power unit forward had to tinker more. Selected for drift-car two-liter engine (150 hp.). – Longitudinally extending row “Six” – would not fit in the trunk of plows. Therefore, the volume of the front, who is now the engine compartment, the designers lengthened by 20 cm In fact, this was also a little, but to come up with a radiator with a fan in the nose -. In the “beak” is placed between the headlights. This curved front body panel borrowed from the most recent plows – 968M model, and what’s more, it also had to modify, making even more prominent. To disguise this fact, made more prominent and glass washers.

Since the difference in the amount of track two cars is also noticeable (16-17 cm), wheel arches had to expand accordingly. Behind it came easier thanks to which became in fact unnecessary air intake channel, and the front had to split hairs more openly – using the extender covers. Splice the two bodies joined by welding and strengthened to preserve the bearing capacity. Mates exterior panels was made of fiberglass.

As for the mechanics,

As befits a BMW, the engine is now located in the front longitudinal. The two-liter petrol unit borrowed from the BMW E34 with its “native” a five-speed gearbox. Cardan, the main transfer, semiaxes independent rear suspension – all those places that took them to the Bavarian designers, creating a “three” E21. To hybrid “Zapika” and BMW could to drift as it should, the team brewed Ruslan differential mechanism – the so-doing, and professional drifters athletes.

Suspension also Zaporozhets moved from BMW E21 – entirely up to the thrust plates of the body and levers, springs and dampers front and rear and the steering rack to the trapeze. Brakes have liked to have more serious than they were at the “E twenty-first,” so they have finished installing front Brembo four-piston calipers and 320-mm discs. Behind running 310-mm discs and calipers borrowed from the Skoda Octavia RS.


Naturally, the interior drift car, conceived as a means to unburden himself, he could not stay “Zaporozhye.” Expanded to the driver dashboard assembly migrated to the salon “eared” with the same E21. For the two front riders put sidenya- “buckets” – not very deep, such that they were more or less comfortable to sit.

Rear sofa simply abolished by issuing the newly freed space corrugated aluminum panels. Honestly, no wonder: who wants to ride in the back seat of the car, moving side, the left, the starboard forward?

Like it or not, the car turned out purely for selfish – driving pleasure in such bolidah receives only one who steers them. Well rulitsya Zaporizhzhya-Bavarian product exactly as intended – slips in almost any corner.

Tuning is made ​​in the workshop of “Made in the garage”

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