Wood and dinosaur: tuning Toyota Tundra 5.7 Double Cab Long 4WD

By “tuning” the majority implies low sports cars with a huge spoiler, stiffer suspension, loud exhaust and propulsive sorts skirts, sills, bumpers, colorful stickers and airbrushing. Moreover, our section is indirectly confirmed. But the tuning is perfect and that is a great number of faces, and today the car – to the brightest proof.

Tuning is not a good life

Before Us – Toyota Tundra. Pickup, created for active recreation (fishing, hiking, vacation alone with nature) and all the things where you have far to go on the road and at the same time take with them not only a lot of things, but also a quad bike or motorcycle. Actually, that instance and used with the passage of time, and at a sufficiently rigid operation considerably poistrepalsya. The outcome was deplorable. Outside – chipped paint, worn by meeting with shrubs and shabby chrome. Sheets of aluminum which has been lined with a body – ripped and bruised, half arcs Promo-amplifiers. In the lounge – battered plastic and cracked leather seats. When the Tundra fell into the hands of masters of the technical center, it was obvious that the car had a hard life.


Initially, the plan is simply to restore the car – to bring it into the original appearance. But, as often happens, resist the temptation to add a little spice in the pickup could not. And one highlight of a pulled another, and another, and so on the rise … As a result, Tundra moved into the category of high-grade tuning projects.

Wood and dinosaur

5.7 liter, 381 HP

The engine did not touch – the standard toyotovskogo V8 3UR-FE car enough for the eyes. But over the looks and off-road characteristics of the job from the heart. We started with the most depth: dismantled all to the ground and put in order the vehicle frame, which was at one time a fair amount of damage and has had several centers of corrosion. Her sandblast, all rust removed and treated with a zinc primer. Restored frame and a body covered with a special compound – protective agent RAPTOR, which was specially developed for bodies of trucks and pickups. Covering an incredibly durable, well protected from water and rust, successfully maintains contacts with light barriers, does not pass ultraviolet radiation, that is, does not fade in the sun, it is an excellent noise and anti-vibration material … except that does not stop bullets. In general, the name of the fearsome dinosaur is quite justified – this is exactly what you need in the wild, where the usual paint quickly surrenders. Together with external elements recovered plastic engine compartment.

By the design of the body came from a fair share of creativity. The wooden floor in a pickup truck – what could be more unusual? Initially we planned to build on an artificial decking, but after consultation with specialists leaned in favor of the deck boards made of natural larch. Expensive, of course, but the view is definitely – so none of PVC does not pass. Location boards counted so that there are no joints. The result was beyond praise. Using the same boards were created drawer under the fridge and storage compartment. Outwardly, neither give nor take – deck yacht! To make the stage appearance in a body set new bumpers made of stainless steel and added RBP thresholds covered by the same Raptor, but with a small shagreen. On the arcs located mount for LED-light panel.

Tyres – 305/55/20
Discs – Tuff T-10

So after working with the body, miscalculate the wheels was not. The first and most logical desire was to deliver the maximum possible size of the disc – a great machine, and standard wheels are simply lost in the background of body size. A suitable kit Tuff T-10 was commissioned in the United States, and it is mounted tires dimensions 305/55/20. Now – is another matter!

Under such wheels even had to install the original set of Bushwacker expansion, which includes themselves expanders, compactors and falshbolty. From the prefix “false” decided to get rid of: the bolts in this case have been replaced by real – cone, stainless steel, with hexagonal fasteners. So reliable, and it looks brutal.

It is clear that, having come so far in the construction of the car, it would be enough to maintain the drain suspension. She was replaced by a liftovannaya with Bilstein shock absorbers and 5100 Pneumoelements back – to adjust the height of the boot of the car. Now Tundra may, for example, “sit down” when you want to hook the trailer. In addition, elements of the air suspension of the load is removed from the standard suspension components (in particular with springs), thereby increasing its reliability and eliminating the disadvantages such as “Kozlenev” poor handling, reduced comfort, sagging under the load, breakdown and buildup of the body. In this setting the air suspension does not require regular revision – all placed almost their homes.

With such a range of off-road elements to get on the road can be very far away, and at some point … still stuck. Yes stuck so that only the help of a tractor or a tank. Tractors off the beaten track are rare, tanks – even rarer. To protect the wearer from such “adventures” on the machine installed power winch – stopped on the model Come Up Winch 12000 12V. Very powerful motor with successive windings provide high torque and high linear speed. However, during installation still having some difficulties: powerful winch means large dimensions, so that their installation required to manufacture special brackets. Engineers conducted a painstaking work on drawings and prototypes fitting, the thickness of which was 10 mm. Then I had to go to the factory, where all produced “life-size” using industrial cutters and bends on a 50-ton press. And yet installed winch demanded significant power – they held out the power wire of the big section.

Toyota Tundra 5.7 Double Cab Long 4WD
Brief specifications
Shock absorbers Bilstein 5100, two Pneumoelements with upper and lower mounting pneumatic line
12 v / 30 A / min to 72 l.
8 liters with fastening
power winches
Come Up Winch 12000 12V

The final touch in the off-road arsenal Tundra steel lights – without a good light in the journey is nothing to do! Established front optics dismantled and installed it with modules Hella lens for D2S lamps and LED turn indicators. headlamp masks painted in matt black, the outer plastic recovered and plastered polyurethane film SunTek. She is not afraid of changes in temperature, mechanical stress, and even alkalis and reagents, it is absolutely clear, perfectly protects the surface and on top of that gives a perfect gloss. As an additional LED fog lights have chosen, and the cherry on the cake was the LED beam Aurora ALO-40-P4E4D. Now, at night you can see everything as day! The rear lights are also in a sorry state, also restored and tinted with a special varnish. To better control the reversing such a huge machine, aft installed additional lighting – a picture with him in the rear-view camera is always clear and precise.

The vehicle interior is also refreshed: leather seats restored, plastic lining on the dashboard and door cards were subjected to wet printing (called akvaprint). The color and texture of selected dark brushed aluminum. All machined parts covered with high-quality varnish and polished. Now the machine can be enjoyed not only outside but also inside.

Forward for adventure

After such a comprehensive approach to the restoration of the owner boldly goes to the most ambitious trip. Mud, twigs, off-road, heavy trailers and Stretches for hours – a pleasure. Get in any jungle safely. This – take out!

The list of improvements:


  • Two hidden winch Come up


  • Remade wiring on the car
  • Installation flush: Winch mounted breakers, management opened the salon, all electrics done through regular technological holes
  • Also set the control of air suspension cabin


  • Shock absorbers Bilstein 5100
  • Two Pneumoelements with upper and lower mounting pneumatic line
  • Connecting fittings
  • Tee
  • Adapted compressor for pneumatic systems: 12 v / 30 A / 72 liters per minute.
  • management Pnevmoknopka
  • Pneumatic pipe D6 polyamide 6/4
  • Receiver 8 liters with fastening
  • Pressure sensor 12-14 kg / cm?
  • Analog gauge, 1 arrow, the dial lights, range up to 12 kg / cm?
  • Pressure relief valve, 15 kg / cm?


  • Akvaprint the cabin
  • Restored leather interior, painted in body color


  • Raptor coating on body and cab
  • Finish Natural Body deck board
  • Mounted glove box and a built-in refrigerator (in the back)
  • Original Bushwacker fender flares with stainless steel fasteners
  • Aurora LED panel
  • Altered regular lights (setting LED, Hella Lens, D2S bulb)
  • PTF LED lens
  • LED astern
  • Masks headlights painted in matt black, the outer plastic recovered and plastered polyurethane film SunTek
  • Rear View Camera
  • Restored elements of the supporting frame
  • Restored Power bumper and parts of structures
  • Original arc (repainting chrome matt structured black Raptor)
  • The original thresholds RBP
  • frames and underbody Atikorroziynaya processing


  • Set discs Tuff T-10 from the United States with mud tires R20

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