Wheel Restoration


Recovery includes a number of activities, the purpose of which is a complete restoration of the wheel disks after damage. It does not matter if they are received as a result of some road accidents or simply because of inevitable wear and tear. After all, the wheels of a car or a motorcycle basically always have a very significant and, in addition, an uneven load. The influence is exerted by changes in temperature and humidity. Fine solid particles hit the surface of the disk. So after some time and without any accidents it is quite superfluous, for example, to update its protective coating.

The main activities are repair and painting. Additionally, upon completion of all work and assembly of the wheel, balancing can be carried out.

Repair of wheel disks

For all the variety of situations, disk repair mostly deals with some list of typical problems. Most often, there is a violation of the geometry of the disk and damage to its surface. And if the blow was especially strong, then, for example, alloy wheels can crack or even lose certain fragments.

The violation of geometry is eliminated with the help of straightening – in the case of light alloy wheels (cast, forged, composite). And hire – when engaged in steel stamped. Light-alloy on average recover more difficult, steel is relatively simpler. However, the cases are, of course, different.

Cracks are welded with argon-arc welding. It is also used to build up broken fragments. And to heal enough deep potholes on the surface, which can not be removed by grinding, shredding and sandblasting. In general, welding with argon enabled the restoration of disks, which previously had to be simply thrown away.


Painting discs can be powder paints and special acrylic enamels. Other types of paints are now used much less often. Since powder and acrylic have such an impressive list of merits that from the very beginning of their introduction they aroused great enthusiasm both among people professionally engaged in repair and maintenance of wheels and motorists.

A huge palette of colors and shades is available. You can paint in several colors, achieve different textures and effects. The coating is very durable and durable.

Price list

Damage can be of varying severity. What affects both the prospects for work, and their cost. With all the achievements of technology repair, from time to time come across discs, repair which is very difficult, and sometimes completely impractical or almost impossible. The cost varies considerably depending on what needs to be corrected or restored. For example, the price of repairs in St. Petersburg, a network of service stations firm HOFMANN Service: go .

The cost of painting more depends on the size of the disc, the chosen paint and the type of painting: in one or more colors, applying some special effects.

Recovery in any case usually turns out to be more profitable than buying a new disk. And it’s easier – it’s not always possible to immediately buy the right model. At the same time, the disk after the restoration retains its performance characteristics and can be used in the usual mode for many years.