Visiting Chip Foose: a report from the workshop in California

But let's start with a short introduction for those who are not familiar with Chip Fuzz unit played. In fact, the popularity came to him long before the show. After graduating from the Art Center College of Design Chip I started to work with and learn from the most famous designer in the world of hot rods Boyd Coddington, who died in 2008. Talented Foose quickly took over the company Coddington, under his leadership created such masterpieces as Boydster I and II. In 1998, having quarreled with Boyd, Chip started his company Chip Foose Design taking with him a number of key employees of Hot Rods by Boyd, than completely spoiled relations with Coddington.

Fuzu fame in 2002 when commissioned by Ford in front of the viewers, he created Speedbird, built on the basis of Ford Thunderbird. The whole process has been shown on television, and the transmission success led to the creation of a new show, known to us as "Cool tuning."

The show has gained millions of fans around the world, each new season of hit TV records and Foose went with his usual ease sketching for car owners who know nothing.

Workshop Foose is located in Los Angeles, California, on the street Sampson Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. Among many other garages, located in Huntington Beach, Chip Foose Design – the only fenced – no wonder fans show does not give the team to work quietly. But a way out was found: every working day during the lunch break from 12 to 13 hours the gates are opened, and everyone conducted free tours throughout the workshop, they end up in the gift shop. If possible Foose himself out and sign souvenirs, significantly increasing sales.

The excursion starts in the body shop, where the machines only take shape.

The first thing we were told at the entrance – a workshop has nothing to show that we could see on TV. At this very moment, by the way, we noticed how Chip Foose ran past a huge carburettor – nice to see that he is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Chip Foose Design – a small private workshop, where the car is collected 2-3 years, the cost of each varies from $ 350,000 to $ 2 million. To show the TV channel filmed a special room below the street, where the hired team worked under the guidance Foose. In the show the cost of each car made in supershort terms, is estimated at $ 150,000 and paid TV channel. As a consolation disappointed visitors are allowed to touch everything they see in this part of the shop. Ash, of course, nothing is impossible.

The tour continues in the spray shop where the machine is ready to find a new look. Few know that Foose's favorite color – orange. This color is present in all vehicles created by its design – whether it is a cell or a small strip around the logo. In the paint shop had a lot of machines, the team was preparing for the annual show SEMA – the main US car event.

Even more was bike – Foose big fan of two wheels, as a child he dreamed of becoming a BMX-puter, but, fortunately, has become the world's best designer. However, love for bikes has not passed, and the number of the most diverse instances throughout the workshop is through the roof. Its walls and ceiling are also hung with hoods, and other parts of racing car design that develops Foose. Each element of the workshop, from the chairs to the machines, decorates its logo with palm trees.

The last part of the tour – assembly plant, where craftsmen collect cars and suggest putting the finishing touches. As you can see in the show, Chip might change his mind and make change in design in the last moment, here it does not happen often. All machines that were in the assembly shop, owned Fuzu, one of them – a dream machine Chip's father, who lives in Santa Barbara. Each must be a dream machine, and Foose Sr., apparently, will soon get it.

Tour ends in the gift shop, where you will enjoy two rare and unique car: Ford GT – Machine dreams of Foose, which he had bought recently and Hemisfear – one of the first chip projects. Initially green hot-rod Foose built for himself, but then it started up in a small series of 50 cars. Only one of all the existing painted black, the rest green. As planned Chip this car had to have the best performance supercar, hot rod and car oil.

Judging by what we have seen, he did it: more rapid body shape of the classic hot rod with open wheels make the car design close to the supercar, as well as the central location of the engine (and the choice naturally fell on the V-shaped "eight "is paired with a manual transmission, the transmission power of 560 hp at the rear wheels). Hemisfear, by the way, is a play on words – Hemi`s fear, or "fear Hemi" – a reference to a recognized brand used by Chrysler Corporation for the V8 engines.

The world was not ready for a mid-hot race, but early sketches of the model formed the basis of the first production hot rod Plymouth Prowler (which we recently had test – Ed.).

To get here can be anything from small meshes cars and shirts to license plates and original wheels Foose Wheels. If you are lucky and Foose finds time, he not only will sign all the souvenirs, but also draw a small sketch of each t-shirt purchased.

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