Two engines, three boxes on wheels lock: Tuning Toyota Celica AT200

Choosing and buying

Looking LHD Coupe Alex chose between Hyundai Tiburon and the Toyota Celica and still bought Celica AT200 in the body. As is well known, this model is the Toyota delivered not only to the domestic market of Japan, but also in North America (USA and Canada), Asia, Western Europe and the UK. Our current instance came to Russia from Germany back in 2002 and immediately fell into the hands of a caring Muscovite who carefully maintain it for five years.

Served car regularly, so that her condition was very good. And in 2007 in full stock he sold it to Alexei black body color, 7A-FE engine with 116 liters. from. and 115 Nm of torque, manual transmission, sunroof, air conditioning, fog lamps and alloy wheels. On the one hand, a very worthy option, on the other – nothing special: as the saying goes, a good city "vegetable" with a view of a sports car.

At Toyota ride is boring – do-ka swap

Departure by car 2.5 years, Alex discovered that the passion they gradually began to fade. Nothing happens, nothing broke – it just does what and drove around the city. It would seem that it was necessary to enjoy the reliability of the car and enjoy it, but still something was missing. As a result, in the head were two crazy thought: or somehow transform the car in appearance, or improve the performance and dynamics. So it started a long-term project.

Home swap was made in 2011: then was held to replace the entire contents of the engine compartment. To get around the city plant 7A-FE with its 116 horsepower and mechanics, in principle, enough, but when the SELIC overtook Type-R, it became insulting. Over the choice of a new motor Alexei long thought that because the car front-wheel drive, he decided to use it at 100%, without doing violence to the turbocharger, and established two-liter 3S-GE Beams from the Toyota Celica ST202 – the fourth generation of engines with VVTi capacity of 200 liters. from. and a torque of 210 Nm.

At the beginning of the material we have already talked about the fact that Alexei Selick – AT200, and she, of course, many differences between ST202. On staged Body AT A series motors on Body ST – the S series motors, they are different phases of the control valve mechanism and, consequently, power. Deciding to change the power unit, our hero is faced with the necessity of a plurality of improvements and investing a lot of money. For example, the engine itself 3S-GE Beams – on the right-hand drive cars, where a completely different arrangement of power-steering systems, air conditioner, fuel system, etc. We had 70 centimeters of lengthening motor scythe to change the inlet and outlet of the system, replace all engine mounts and remake a lot of other little things. An old box of a gear change does not fit, so we had to make and swap PPC – on option S53 18 th Selick.

After six months of life in the garage (Alex all work performed on their own, without resorting to the services), the car finally went. Why is the replacement of the power unit taken so long? It is connected with the search for spare parts: while there were fewer suppliers, and those that were mainly located in Siberia and the Far East. Therefore, at times due to waiting some small Circuits got up the whole process. And sometimes even had to order a new – with the appropriate delivery time.

This was followed by the suspension refinement: the installation of sports KYB AGX struts with adjustable rebound hardness, coupled with reduced Tein springs increased rigidity and front anti-roll bar increased section and the struts of the body front and rear Cusco. The brake system is completely borrowed from the Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four: a powerful four-front and two-piston rear brakes.

Stuffing motor did not move wisely, but the glory of the upgraded exhaust, facilitating breathing 3S. The sound tuned for a long time under the owner's wishes – master cooked several tens of exhaust systems before Alex said: "Yes, this is what we need!" The result was a direct exhaust in stainless steel with a diameter of 2.5 inches narrower and without unnecessary turns. The catalyst was replaced with a straight-through flame arrestor FOX, added a single chamber resonator MG RACE and end bank FOX. Now up to 3 000-4 000 rev / min motor runs quietly enough, giving a light bass – are the construction of this exhaust is comfortable driving in the city without power loss. The car went really much fresher, I began to breathe in full force, so even with the pleasant and not oppressive to the ears of the driver and surrounding sound.

From box to box

However, this tuning process is not ended: as it turned out, it was only in the middle. Gearbox S53 quickly buzzed, so Alex decided not to be penny wise and change it to S54-06A from 20th Selick. This PPC is an excellent, but the first and second transmission got here a little longer, but I wanted to switch faster and have a lock, since the sudden starts right wheel always took in Books. Then one last option: E56-07C with LSD differential lock and a pair of short main (before installation box for reliability touched). This manual gearbox the engine came to life, and slipping on 17-inch wheels virtually disappeared.

Easy styling

The final part of the project and one of the most difficult stages was the work with the body. Having decided to transform the car looks, the owner considered the various options for aero and styling elements, such as the C-one hood and a full body kit kit Varis Arising, but did not dare to set any of it because of the impracticality of use on our roads. As a result, Alex settled on a simpler version: at SELIC trunk spoiler boasted the TRD, and the hood and the bumper taken from the Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four – primarily interested in the weight of 7 kg against 18.8 kg in stock, well, look, of course.

Interior also did not stay in the factory performance. It is completely replaced by Edition Recaro from ST205 GT-Four with Recaro SR3 and rear sofa in the color of the front seats. Also, the owner has set the climate control and pollen filter, and even mirrors folding system, taking the necessary parts of the right-hand drive versions of the 20th SELIC, where these options are going to plant. But to Europeans from the factory have heated mirrors. In general, combining the best of all versions of the model, Alex picked your perfect car.

In 2015, the body was completely repainted in one of the best color Porsche late 90s – Porsche Rivera Blue, and some elements of the interior plastic Alexey issued in body color. In summer, Toyota Celica emblazoned on alloy wheels Weds Sport, and in the winter – in the restyled wheels on the GT-Four.

The list of improvements:


  • Engine 3S-GE Beams fourth generation
  • Line exhaust with a diameter of 2.5 ", stainless steel, without the narrower and extra turns, cooked to order
  • Two flame arrester FOX
  • Resonator MG RACE
  • Single-chamber Bank FOX


  • A five-speed manual gearbox with LSD E56-07C


  • The brakes of the Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four


  • Sports Rack KYB AGX
  • Tein Springs
  • Front anti-roll bar increased section
  • Body Spacers Cusco (front and rear)


  • Interior Recaro Edition
  • Runners JURAN front seats


  • Spoiler TRD
  • The bonnet and front bumper of the Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four
  • The spoiler on the hood of WRS
  • Chrome door sills
  • The complete repainting of the body


  • Summer: Weds Sport wheels
  • Winter: wheels of Toyota Celica ST205 GT-Four, Restayl

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