Tuning VAZ-2113 Deutsche Lada: Memories of the Future

Back in 2007 already newcomer “trinashka” colors “Milky Way” has replaced an old garage in my 20-year-old VAZ-2108. Model selection was deliberate: like the same winged Samara, but … a new one. After buying the car has received a standard “gentleman’s set” – signaling shading, soundproofing, alloy wheels … On the background of the black “sisters” my car practically does not stand out. Conversion of vehicle styling project began with a coincidence.

In 2009, I happened to see in the auto shop rare artifact – a set of completely new caps from a German importer Deutsche Lada Automobil GmbH for dealers modifications Samara. All the limited fitting for a photo shoot, since the summer I go to at least a rare “forging” VSMPO (about it – later), and full-time winter “stamping” in 2007 was painted in the style of the German hatchback GTI 80s.

Then I somehow stumbled on a set of stickers with different doycheladovskih “Achtung” notice messages. Stick them on my car I thought it was funny, because the dealer Samar modification I’ve always liked. Who knew harmless nakleechki will launch an unusual project on “doycheladizatsii” Samara to five years in length …

After stickers on the car nameplates were “the LS” in the central rack instead of the Cyrillic inscription “LADA”. I have ever since the “Group of Eight” liked such nameplates on “doycheladah”, and to get them was not easy: the proud owners rotten “Germans” for any price did not want to part with their ornaments in exchange for a factory.

At the same time on the front wings were still some nameplates LS – in fairness, I note that they are from the “nine”. Surprisingly, these items were found completely new, like so many others!

Next label – “5 speed» – took its rightful place on the back door. When something is so pedantic Germans isolated modification Samara equipped “pyatistupkoy”. Yes, because most of the early “eights” is equipped with a four-speed gearbox.

On the right there was “vpryskovyh” label Injection – first “renoshny” (they actually met in the early versions vpryskovyh Samara!), And then – more “gothic” doycheladovsky. Light bar – discreet inscription “Bitte ein Vit” ( “a mug of beer, please”) on the rear window: also very “German”.

But shildikami uniform! In the past it was possible to stumble upon a real “Klondike”, where in addition to a variety of ornaments and stickers (brand new and not Novodel!) And managed to find a rare element of the aerodynamic body kit – the top of the Austro-Hungarian spoiler FOHA. Unlike the lower Heck-spoiler, this “dahspoyler” met on live doycheladah rarely why its value is much higher than the “lower”. Needless to say that the spoiler perfectly fit into the shape of the car, organically finishing line of the roof?

Simultaneously with the installation of the spoiler car received another notable bar: bright red decal on the modification Night (of course, the original 1993 production of, and not a remake!). Taking into account the color of the body, this part was very appropriate: “burning flame scarlet” decal looks great change, reviving somewhat dull dark sidewall.

Thus, the image of “psevdonemetskogo” VAZ-2113 in Night bundling practically formed. I realized that this is what might look Samara-2, if it was delivered to the German market.

And that is not all! The following artifacts are literally found me themselves, first appeared on the back of the so-called “blekfinish” – adjustable hood black numbers. At this point it became clear that the final image of my “doychelade” lacks only a couple of accessories: Hagus exterior mirrors and rear mudguards dealer.

“Hagusy” I’ve found themselves, but their thorny path was not easy: instead of the left mirror I first received by the transport company error … children the shoe size 21 Zara. Right mirror required restoration works – the manufacture of certain elements of the adjustment mechanism, instead of broken. To the left was dokuplen mirror Convex mirror element – a brand new, in the package.

Then we arrived and mud flaps. During fitting it became apparent that the so-called “Europen” with strict German style artifacts is divorced. I had to return to the place of the factory handles – the ones that are very similar to like parts Porsche 924 …

1. The engine compartment stickers. 2. Nameplates LS. 3. Nameplates 5 speed / Injection. 4. Dachspoiler FOHA. 5. Stickers Bitte ein Bit + D. 6. Decal Night. 7. Hood back rooms. 8. Factory handles. 9. Hagus Mirrors. 10. Dealer mudguards.

Meticulous viewer can draw attention to the fact that on my psevdonemetskoy Samara are not German wheels – and this is the cause. Forged wheels VSMPO “Fantasy” have long been my personal fetish and “fitting” in Photoshop dealer Melber drives are not convinced that they will look better on my machine “forging”. The only interesting to me externally option – 14-inch wheels Centra, which also offers “doycheladam” as an option. They can even be purchased, but confused “nezubilnaya” razboltovka 4×100 mm instead of 4h98.

I believe that the details of the “doychelady” on my machine looks almost more appropriate than the first generation of Samara for a simple reason: to “trinashke” since the plant provides an aerodynamic body kit.

Inside, the interior is virtually identical to STANDARD, but instead of the native booster 2110 is a very interesting “bagel” with the index of 2114 – it is this, and had to go to Samara-2 from the factory! Very rare item almost ten years lain on the shelf provincial automobile dealer where I bought it brand new!


In 1991, in the April issue of “Drive” magazine in an article entitled “Cosmetics are not our Lad” I read interesting words which long sunk into the soul of Soviet schoolchildren, hours reviewing pictures from “doycheladami”.

“But why would the same VAZ did not take into account the experience of the small Western companies not to start mass production of attractive models with different body styles, complete sets, which for Soviet money will fall into the hands of the Soviet owners. It is believed such a time ever come, and they will be able to buy what was presented at the exhibition as “cars of the USSR.”

A quarter of a century later, I have the time has come – I was able to “remember the future” and to buy what was presented at the exhibition in the early 90s. And now look at each cvoyu car gives me a rush of aesthetic pleasure. This means that the project “doychelady” was worth it.

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