Tuning VAZ-2112: Milky Way is not for children

School dreams come into reality

When Vladimir still went to school, we had just begun to publish the magazine "Car Tuning", and the boys constantly looked at pictures, hoping that "and I will have this." Later, in 2006, when it became possible to buy a "patsanskuyu wheelbarrow", he chose between WHA-2108 and VAZ-2112. By chance, a familiar neighbor just sold "dvenashku". Vova went to see the car, he enjoyed it, and two days later he bought his first car. And immediately I began to embody all your fantasies to life. First it was the fashion at the time of the white wrought-iron wheels, lowering springs and just as fashionable rack Plaza Sport, then it was the turn of the motor and the gearshift refinement. it is constant, it is, as you know, can not end. And in that moment, when everything in his VAZike Vladimir began to seem banal, he decided … not to sell the car and move on.

Second wind

He wanted to build a really low "dvenashku" and definitely 17's wheels. I found, as they thought appropriate 17th "rollers" and put them (and they were narrow). The car, of course, sat up, and it became apparent that she did not have enough width and understatement. Began suspension measurements and calculations. Vladimir realized that even the shortest of shock absorbers, which he saw in the sale will not be enough to achieve a good understatement. Studied in detail the information on the Internet, he learned about the suspension Custom Samara, talked to himself a master, Artem Metro, explained to him what wants to see the result, and after some time, ready to stand already in the hands of Vova. Then began the search for wide wheels. His design attracted Keskin KR1 drives, and even managed to find in Moscow, with a very nice sum.

Even before you start looking for the suspension and "sneakers", Vladimir has thoroughly thought through how it will look his car. Climb on foreign internet sites, he decided to do the VAZ-2112 in the direction of hellaflush, whose distinctive features – wide wheels and low-profile tires, which are literally stretched to disk. In general, the whole trick is to arch was as close as possible to the wheel, the closer, the steeper, rubber "house", and all this should be "spice" and understatement worthy of collapse.

However Keskin purchased in regular arches "dvenashki" not climbed. There was nothing left but to cut it wings that Vladimir did. Leaving all in "draft form", he immediately put the new wheels, suspension, adjusted the her trial did leave and I realized that even on a flat road stretcher sometimes touches the asphalt. Now it had to solve this problem. To move normally with understatement, it was necessary to lift the stretcher, and lift motor was necessary for this. In principle, this procedure is no big deal: estimated height that can be transferred to the engine, and digested all the motor mount cushions and CPR. As a result, the rise was 5 centimeters, the same amount could shift and the sub-frame. Incidentally, in this connection, all the engine board had to saw a hole under the rocker gear. Another problem was that the drive SHRUS rested in the spars. Vova sawed spars, opened it and stepped inside the "window" in the longitudinal members turned out in the area of ​​5-7 cm.

Finally, the lifting motor, enthusiastic owner of VAZ met with another challenge: no longer close the hood, because now he has been held on the receiver and the oil filler neck. Upon reflection, Vladimir took turboresiver (it is smaller in size and standing with the front of the engine) and gave a familiar oil filler neck for understatement (to do this itself could not, as needed, argon). After installing the parts reworked hood closed!

In parallel with this work went on the rear axle, where it was much easier. With special custom plates that carry the hub above (bolted to the beam and they screwed the hub itself), it is achieved by the visual effect of understating the machine. It turned out minus 9 cm, and the collapse of the 5 degrees. Springs Vova set of fields, as they tougher and "classic" and "Samara", and the goal – to reduce the maximum suspension travel, to fit wheels to the arches as close as possible. On the shock absorbers installed polyurethane bumpers to achieve even greater rigidity.

After that, the owner engaged in the transfer of the fuel tank, because with such a strong understating it could simply punch or delete. Standard tank had to be replaced by small rectangular (optional on the Oise) that will fit in the trunk in the spare wheel well. From the fuel tank to the engine now go copper tubes, and through the cabin – again not to erase them on the asphalt.

Next came the turn of the brake system. The front is now 15th brake discs and calipers Alnas company of the Volga (models 3102, 3110, 31105, and even the Gazelle), and to put them on vazovskiy fist used faceplate. Behind – 13th brake discs and calipers from the VAZ-2109, also established through the faceplate. Brake tube and let the cabin, and the braking system of the company added gidroruchnik Kreatech.

Then Vladimir cooked new exhaust system: take "Spiderman» «Subaru-sound» (like the sound), and after it has cooked the track as much as possible to hide it in the floor tunnel; resonator and muffler took the 4-stars firms. At the same time managed to almost nothing to buy all the seats on the Mitsubishi Lancer 9. After rework mounting brackets, they stood as a family, so that the interior VAZ-2112 proved to be updated.

And only now, after all the adaptations and adjustments, Vladimir took to finish arch. Long thought, how to be, and one day, standing in a traffic jam, drew attention to the rear arches route Gazelle – they liked him in shape. A trip to the car market turned purchase repair kit for gazelevskih arches and fitting them on the rear fenders "dvenashki". Of course, we had to cut, fit and trim, and the result you can see in the photos: the arches and wheels with tires is very close to each other.

Front everything was simpler: unable to find the wings of the VAZ-2112 coupe, and they come from the factory with the inflated arches. However, since the machine is low and 17's wheels, they do not come without modification, it was necessary to raise themselves in the wings arches. Vova chose the option to saw off arch purchased with wings and weld them on your own. He also moved the license plate on the boot lid, sealed niche under the number on the bumper and put the old style spoiler, giving the car a certain zest. After all this, the car re-painted in the native color "Milky Way". Hence the nickname "dvenashki» – Milky Way.

Time to move on

What is most remarkable – gathering machine and achieving goals, Vladimir … I lost interest in the project! He says that he is fascinated by the design process, so I decided to buy something else to put their new fantasies and "dvenashku" sold friend Dmitry. Dima, incidentally, has already made the first improvements to the car – changed the wheels on the spectacular SSR Professor SP1. So what is the story with continuation.

The list of improvements:


  • The engine is raised by 5 cm
  • Additional support
  • Turboresiver

Exhaust system: "Spiderman» «Subaru-sound», the resonator and muffler 4-stars, all harvested in the tunnel


  • CAT raised by 5 cm


  • Front screws Custom Samara
  • AL supports ART-Racing
  • Stretcher Avtoprodukt
  • Spacers, adapters 50 mm for the expansion track
  • Behind the screws Custom Samara
  • Springs from the Niva
  • Special plates for understatement (drop plates): – 9 cm, the breakdown of 5 degrees


  • Front calipers from the Volga
  • 15th brake disks Alnas
  • Rear calipers from the VAZ-2109
  • 13th brake discs
  • Gidroruchnik Kreatech


  • All seats of the Mitsubishi Lancer 9
  • The fuel tank of the UAZ, moved into the trunk
  • Battery moved to trunk


  • custom arch
  • Rear room moved to the rear lid
  • Spoiler old model
  • Niche under the rear bumper on the number removed
  • Paint color "Milky Way"


  • 17th wheels SSR Professor SP1 8j front, rear 9j
  • Tires Nankang NS2, 165/40/17 front, 185/35/17 rear

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