Tuning VAZ-21053: continuing rally tradition VFTS

The purposeful purchase and the first revision

This is the VAZ-21053 model year 1999 color "Monte Carlo" David bought, bargained, only for 28 thousand rubles. The car he bought specially to realize his need for the race. Lada – the car is simple, maintainable, and, in some completions, very reliable, so the choice fell on her. "Five" Fate has been identified at the moment of purchase – dirt and snow rally-sprints. Although then she looked not like a battle car – it was a "grandfather option": all original, no collective farm, roof rack, mesh on the windows with suction cups. These are usually on Fridays, cluttered seedlings are sent to the country. By the way, the WHA has become a kind of gift David himself in the New Year: "Beauty" put on record the very next day – 31 December, 2014.

Changing the habits of the car was only a matter of time. Since the beginning of construction it has undergone many changes, from the transformation of interior and ending with a new suspension configuration, but the story's start with "the heart." The standard engine "cheered" by placing it camshaft with the gear by Neve, replacing native carburetor at Solex from the VAZ-21073 model 125's jets and cooked completely new exhaust system and the bay, finally, normal "synthetic" and the engine itself, and a transmission.

The suspension is also treated with simple, inexpensive but proven solutions: round the polyurethane, shock absorbers Plaza Sport by Chevrolet Niva, front springs from the Niva 21213, back – hard from the VAZ-2102. Plus, enhanced support and increased by 50 mm gauge. As a result of improvements "five" was rulitsya a completely new way: do not give a shock to heel, and the track extension provides additional stability when cornering – like on rails. Council gave a suspension configuration Sergey – friend's father, a former racer. He said suspension will budget, but also very suitable for the rally – and turned out to be the case. By the way, building a machine David himself and help him in this navigator Andrew and the boys, who have long been involved in the competition and, in fact, infected his race "a virus" – Gosha and German.

To significantly improve with the dynamic characteristics of the pilot car during the race, not the cabin Mota, David set UNP Cross buckets in combination with multi-point seat belts and Sabelt Takata. And to control the engine speed – to put it mildly, an important parameter during the races – tachometer set of "six".

Progress racer – the progress of the machine

After some time, during which the crew managed to win some cups, and the pilot realized that he was ready to move to a more serious level, in the cabin there was a safety cage welded in compliance with all of the main document regulating the preparation of a race car – "Appendix J».

Externally, the "classic", of course, did not remain the standard. Brutal, and athletic beauty added rally kit Lada VFTS, made in VDMcustoms and so the way to cover up an extended rut.

Like a true rally car, the "Five" more than one set of wheels: a modest shipping package (alloy wheels Kormetal KM, popularly referred to as the "watermelon"), a set of winter sprints – studded Amtel NordMaster and "battle" ground wheels – wheels VSMPO Viking with rubber NIISHP Rally 2000, which with the roots of trees and stones cope at times! So far, 13-inch wheels – current motor, gearbox and gearbox is difficult to scroll something more. But David already has ideas for increasing power: the spring to change the engine for Injection 1.7-liter with a sports camshaft and establish a five-speed transmission. In addition, he is going to improve the suspension by placing a set of KONI. Plus plans to introduce professional rally attributes – Terratrip navigational device and communication device.

Thus it turns out that the training car gradually develops into a full-fledged racing. And it is quite logical – the pilot and his navigator made some progress in amateur rally. Guys go quite a long time in the pair and has worked well. Mistakes, of course, there are, but David and Andrew are working hard on them, and each time the results get better and better. Their asset already has the first place in the amount of six stages in the "Cup of the day" on the RS Racing Club track in Zelenograd in the class "A standard rear-wheel drive," and most recently regalia – first place in the 5 stage «Endorfine racing cup» in the class " Sports "in Dmitrov, and first place in the Super Bowl on a track near Moscow« Endorfine ». In the 2015-2016 winter season has already procured the so-called "nails» Black Rocket 20 – Driving with winter tires spike 1.5mm disc locking differential and Torgmash main pair 4,3. As the saying goes, the farther into the woods … All the more so as a prize for winning the Cup stage, David received four free training, one of which – with the instructor in the line of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6, which is a whole new experience, new knowledge and new opportunities behind the wheel and on the track.

Good advice

David's advice to those who want to try their hand in rally sprints is on Zhiguli, based on his rally experience. Watching this year's "roof", it recommends that the first thing to do suspension improvement, not just buy a "classic" and go. Let the cheapest, but stiffer suspension for sprints to collect necessary. For example, our hero one thing is certain: for the acquisition as the first racing car, inexpensive and reliable, Lada – out of competition. If you maintain order and monitor the status of nodes, the WHA will not concede foreign cars, and in improvements to a certain point a certain level may give them a head start. As they say, the simpler mechanism, so it is safer.

The list of improvements:


  • The engine VAZ-2103 1.5 liter
  • Solex carburetor from the model VAZ-21073 125's jet
  • Camshaft with gear from Niva-21213

Exhaust system:

  • collector 4-1,
  • Resonator Mg-race,
  • muffler,
  • 51 mm tube.


  • Tachometer on a VAZ-2106 in a separate housing


  • Shock absorbers Plaza Sport by Chevrolet Niva
  • The front springs from the Niva 21213
  • Rear springs from the VAZ-2102
  • greater reliance
  • Increased by 50 mm gauge


  • Welded rollcage on application «J» production of "The Ninth Wave" Kaluga
  • Buckets UNP Cross
  • Seat belts and Sabelt Takata


  • The body kit Lada VFTS
  • Towing eyes custom


  • Trolley: light alloy wheels Kormetal KM, KAMA tires 224
  • Winter wheels: alloy wheels no name, training spike Black Rocket 1,5 mm
  • "Martial" dirt Wheels: Forged wheels VSMPO Viking NIISHP tires Rally 2000

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