Tuning VAZ-2103 "Three" on the five-plus

The economy must be economical

Let's be honest: the reason for the choice of Russian car as an object for improvements in most cases is the limited owner in the media. I want something bright, I want something fast, but to finance, for example, "Japanese" or "German woman" is not enough. Domestic cars in this case, untie the hands – accessories for them are inexpensive, and a great assortment. But there are also cases where finance is not crucial when buying a car. The heroes of our material felt an urge to do something unusual, something really beautiful because of domestic blank. In this case the cost of the project on the basis of VAZ can easily catch up with the price of the work with the foreign cars, but in the end, "from the pen of" tuners out really great items that can attract no less (if not more) attention and cause warmest nostalgic feelings. Take a look at the pictures: so carefully restored Zhiguli – really rare, and all introduced modern elements did not contradict the image of canonicity, but on the contrary, only reinforce it. But first things first.

The main thing – to aim

This project was created out of the hands of children workshop Delta Customs, and they wanted to transform it VAZ-2103. Why? It is said that "seen such machines only in childhood, but now these items are mainly not encouraging their views." The fact that this model is very rare, in contrast to the same "cents" and thus does classical, in contrast to the same "six", which already feature a lot of plastic and tries to "modernize" design machines. The plans of the guys was the restoration of the body, his painting in two colors, refinement of the technical part and remaking the cabin, as well as installation of air suspension. Think – done.

This particular instance of 1979 of release, they have acquired in a very good condition and even longer on the "pneumatic". But despite the good form of car, it had a lot of affairs: on the body had several defects, and many decorative elements to be replaced, and after a couple of test runs, it became clear that chetyrehkonturnoy air suspension system is in need of repair and improvement. Work has begun to boil: the project started in the summer of 2013.

Work on the new technology and "heart"

It all started with an order of components for "Pneuma", full bulkhead undercarriage of the car, replace the brake system, all hoses, tubes and liquids. Ignition system was changed to a non-contact, and set to be rebuilt as a new carburetor. Repair pneumatic consisted bulkhead unit solenoid valves, control panels, as well as all fittings and connections. On "three rubles" installed so-called "fast" pneuma when lifting the vehicle from its lowest to its highest position and vice versa it takes place in the shortest possible time. This is ensured by the valve block with certain parameters that the owners wanted to keep secret, and larger cross-section pneumatic line (pnevmotrubok).

After completion of the chassis to the body started: the machine is completely dismantled and thoroughly prepared for painting. With the selection of the color problems had happened – he was unanimously elected bottoms brown and beige top. Along with painting to search for decorative details. new bumpers, a set of moldings, grille, front and rear lights, side lights, a few sets of wheel caps, mirrors, interior and exterior door handles, lining ducts on the rear rack, washer jets, antenna, all the windows were bought gum and seals. Time to search for, as you know, it took a lot, but something altogether sought until now!

After the spray booth waiting car the new engine: a more powerful 1.7-liter – from Niva. And in this case, the word "new" is meant not the "other", namely the new city in the 0 km. We bought it, by the way, in-store parts. The couple to the motor was acquired by a five-speed sports transmission on the VAZ-2107. The power unit is installed, too, as not anyhow – it was produced by the so-called "Shaving" engine compartment: the most removed from the type of wiring are hidden all the tanks, and the battery moved to the trunk.

After all "treshka" change went as never traveled, – pleased with the dynamics of acceleration, and overall behavior of the car on the road was much more pleasant. However, increased power could not resist an old gearbox, which will soon have to be replaced by a new one.

Outside and cabin

Beautiful car body will certainly need the appropriate wheels. You guys do not have to reinvent the wheel, and turned to the popular decision in this case – have put the classic BBS. They are ideally located in the arches and allow painlessly put the machine "on its belly". In accordance with the overall color scheme, a central portion painted disks in a beige color and shelf polished to a mirror state.

After completion of the appearance and the technical part of the master cabin and started the sound system. The color palette also caused controversy – it was clear that the interior should be in brown and beige tones. Before fully restore and alter the front seat, rear sofa and dashboard, complete insulation of the body was done, the doors and luggage compartment. The kids had to re-make the door card, drag perforated leather ceiling and the rear parcel shelf. Located in the trunk of the air suspension system is specially manufactured closed duct, which is also fitted a skin. The carpet in the cabin were replaced by brown, and custom-fabricated mats, color most suitable to the interior. All plastic parts were painted in the same way. Status of the factory steering wheel and gearshift knob left much to be desired, so they were replaced by the original production Nardi.

The speaker system also underwent an upgrade: Rioneer established here with four speakers and an amplifier. This player is on the staff of the receiver and tucked away in the glove compartment. Besides all of the above, the car is equipped with central locking and power windows, and installation made so that the appearance of the door card has not changed.

Further refinement – not required

As a result, the image of "treshki" to be so solid and complete, that at the moment the plans for its further development is not, especially since the masters have other, not less interesting projects.


The list of improvements:


  • The engine capacity of 1.7 liters of Niva
  • Contactless system of ignition
  • New carburetor VAZ, modified


  • Transmission: VAZ-21074S, 5-speed sport version
  • Gearbox: VAZ-2103, a new


  • 4-circuit air suspension


  • New from the VAZ-2106


  • Full insulation
  • Battery moved to trunk
  • The front seats, rear sofa and a leather dashboard pereshito
  • Brown carpet
  • Mats are made to order
  • All plastic parts repainted in brown
  • Leather Nardi
  • Nardi gearshift knob
  • Power windows


  • The head unit Rioneer
  • Four speaker
  • Amplifier


  • Painting in two colors


  • 13-inch BBS wheels
  • The central part of the disc is painted in a beige color

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