Tuning-turning coupe BMW M3


Buy a pick-up truck is one thing, to make it yourself with what’s available is quite another. The first can each, the second only by the real masters of tuning, which, as it turned out, is in South Africa. Proof of this is a photo report on the work, presented on the page of the racing team Mad Dog Racing in one of the social networks. In the pictures – a BMW M3 coupe, turned tuners from the auto company Monaco Motors in the original pickup.


The basis was to take the representative of the 4th generation BMW M3, which was produced in 2007-13. The BMW M3 family consisted of a sedan and station wagon in the E91 body, a coupe in the E92 body and a cabriolet in the E93 body. In 2014, they were replaced by a new generation of M3 with a more modern, 425-horsepower engine. In addition, the coupe changed the index and is now known under the name of the BMW M4, although the main technical characteristics remain the same and to pick up for it summer tires Toyo was no longer difficult. Why did Monaco Motors decide to let BMW M3 E92 coupe come into its own? Perhaps the new generation of the car has not yet reached South Africa, or the masters simply had nowhere to attach the car, which had been dusted in the garage for more than a year. Be that as it may, one coupe in the world became smaller, and one pickup more, moreover, a pickup very interesting on the idea and execution.


For the sake of justice, recall that the M3 E92 in the form of a pickup was first demonstrated by BMW itself in 2011. However, it later became clear that it was an April Fool’s joke and there is no such car. The creation of Monaco Motors made the impossible possible and now the M3 pickup is the same reality as the Eiffel Tower, space flights or Toyo Open Country A / T + tires, go to a directory with which everyone can. Apparently, the old-new car retained a 4-liter “atmosphere” with a capacity of 420 liters. With., Which added a mechanical supercharger. Unfortunately, we do not know for certain how this affected the dynamics of the car. The stock model had the ability to accelerate to the first “hundred” in 4.8 seconds, and the speed limit was set at 250 km / h.


And yet, the speed of overclocking is not the main thing in the BMW M3 from Monaco Motors, the main thing is its appearance. To turn the coupe into a full-scale pickup, the tuners had to get rid of most of the roof, sacrificing the rigidity of the body. Compensate losses are designed massive rear racks, according to the authors of the project, the pickup confidently feels in the role of a mini truck and will not save even under serious load. The original finding was the mechanism of opening the boot lid – it rises up, but does not recline down, as is customary in pick-up trucks. Just to find out how convenient this solution is in practice, we obviously will not succeed – there are no plans to produce the BMW M3 Pickup serially or on request from Monaco Motors.